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Discipline~ using your inside voice outside...your head, behavior, training, self-control, misbehavior,parents, child discipline

Discipline~ Using Your inside Voice Outside…your head

by Deborah Cruz

Have you ever thought something in your head and in your head it’s really freaking funny? Lacking the discipline to keep it there, you say the words out loud and are met with the ” Is she F to the bomb out of her mind” look? No? Just me, eh?

So, let’s just say that your kids are being complete crack ninjas (of the cutest kind mind you) and you think to yourself, jeez…I’d really like to return these little maniacs to the baby store. But we never say such things out loud because we’d be seen as horrible people who are at the very least social deviants and at the most not fit for parenting at all. DCFS would be called immediately. Instead, we stand there in silence, biting our tongues while our hair falls out in clumps from stress and we develop ulcers…. and we smile. You know that ridiculous ” I have no clue what the hell to do and I can NOT control these ninjas without medicinal help!” look. And as our children misbehave, we simply take a deep breath and pray for time to pass quickly. Believe me, I know adults sometimes need a time out too.Nobody’s perfect, right?

In reality, what choices do we have? In a calm and quiet voice, bend to their eye level and try to reason with children beneath the age of reason? Have you seen anyone ever actually do this? I have and while it is perfectly PC and I wish I could be more like that Mama, it seldom works and is usually met with a resounding “NO!” which really translates in baby speak as a forceful “F*ck YOU!”

Perhaps, you could send them on their way to a nice long (age appropriate= 1 minute per year of life) “time out”. Excuse me but if the time out is under 2 minutes, foggedaboutit. It’s simply not going to work. If your child is too young to walk, time out won’t work. Aside from the fact they will just crawl away, the child will flee out of sheer incomprehension. I tried this and ended up chasing a giggling toddler around the room like Benny Hill. She thought it was a game…. catch the baby. I am the one who ended up in tears and apologizing.

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Discipline~ using your inside voice outside...your head, behavior, training, self-control, misbehavior,parents, child discipline

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If the child is too old for time out, they sit there ignoring you and waiting out the time out. They are content with this time to gather their thoughts and plan their bedtime revolt.

You can’t spank your child no more than you can kick your dog. You just can’t so just let that idea slip right out of your head.

Sure, you have your thoughts of effective discipline but never actually do them and you NEVER speak of them. These are the dreams of medieval discipline that we fantasize about when 7 children under the age of 5 are screaming and ignoring while we curl up in a corner crying in the fetal position.The key is NOT to speak of them in polite society.

Discipline~ Using Your inside Voice Outside…your head

“Come here you little punk, I bet a good dose of water-boarding will make you pick up those damn Polly pockets and Legos!”

“Oh yeah, NO to me? NO to you! NO dinner! No toys! No clothes! No play dates! I’m taking it all away!!!”

“You hate me? Well, I don’t like you either!”

“Why? Why? Because, I said so that’s why. Now stop asking me so many flipping questions!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!”

“Please, for the love of GOD, GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP!!!!!!!”

Then there is that one comment that you think might be acceptable to say out loud, funny even in the right context. When my hairdresser asked why I would get my girls names tattooed on my wrists:

“Well, I figure since they are the ones who make me want to slit my wrists perhaps if I see their sweet names there on my wrists it could give me something to live for. Or get a sharper razor.”

I was joking OBVIOUSLY but her face told me that that was one of those statements that most definitely should have stayed INSIDE MY HEAD!

Discipline~ Using Your inside Voice Outside…your head

So, now I have two problems, she thinks I’m an asshole and I have to find a new hairdresser. I should have exercised some discipline of my own filter.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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Hannah 2011/07/03 - 12:24 pm

This is so me. I totally need some discipline. I can’t seem to limit my inside voice.

Truthful Mommy 2011/07/05 - 8:36 pm

Me neither…obviously:)LOL

Christine 2011/07/03 - 1:01 pm

Oh, I think that is so funny! I wish that those sticks wedged in people’s asses were visible so that we could know who we need to censor ourselves for.

Truthful Mommy 2011/07/05 - 8:38 pm


Me too!It would save me a lot of trouble inserting my foot into my mouth:)

Jenn 2011/07/03 - 5:11 pm

This post is TOO funny!

Truthful Mommy 2011/07/05 - 8:39 pm


Thank you for saying so!I adore commiseration.XO

Babe_Chilla 2011/07/04 - 12:26 pm

BAHAHAHAH OMG. I am the queen of blurting that stuff out. Luckily it’s mostly to my hubs or bestie but other times, people look at me like I’m on crack. Like when someone tells me they can’t wait for their baby to start solids and I blurt out “are you fucking mental? This is the single most obnoxious thing on the planet! Not only do I have to figure out what the hell to feed a small person with no molars and a hatred for all things not snacks, but I have to shop and prep it, then clean it all off my floor and throw it out. It’s a fucking nightmare”

Turns out, people hate when you burst their bubble.

Le sigh. This is why I blog.

Missy | The Literal Mom 2011/07/05 - 9:09 pm

I’m finding as they get older (or at least as the older one gets older), I’m a little more outspoken with her. Sometimes a good (not EXTREME, just good) dose of reality is what a budding tween needs!

Bruna 2011/07/08 - 12:14 pm

I use my inside voice way too much with my teenager. I really have to bite my lip most of the time. Hubby helps me to refocus my frustrations with her and to approach and deal with them differently. It’s hard!


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