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Cubs, Cubbies, Let's go cubbies, Go Cubs Go, Chicago Cubs. World Series, Game 7, Chicago

World Series Game 7 Go Cubs Go

by Deborah Cruz

Well, I never thought I’d be writing a world series post on my blog about the Chicago Cubs. But here we are and I say to hell with the curse! I’m a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan and, well, to be honest, it just never seemed plausible. The Cubbies are an underdog and when you grow up in Chicago you know that when you root for the Cubs, you are not just rooting for a baseball team, you are rooting for a way of life. You are rooting for the impossible. You are dreaming the impossible dream and that makes it endearing.

Cubs, Cubbies, Let's go cubbies, Go Cubs Go, Chicago Cubs. World Series, Game 7, Chicago

I’ve spent my life thinking “this is the year” but knowing that it probably wasn’t. I remember growing up and walking in the door every afternoon after school during the spring and the television being tuned into WGN and the Cubs playing. I remember wearing our Cubbie t-shirts and rooting for the win, even in the face of a shut out. That’s the unbreakable spirit of Cubs fans.

Cubs, Cubbies, Let's go cubbies, Go Cubs Go, Chicago Cubs. World Series, Game 7, Chicago

I remember field trips as a child to see a game at Wrigley field. I remember going with a group of friends as a teenager; eating hot dogs and laughing and then, as an adult, taking in a game with friends or that special someone. It didn’t matter who you were, your walk of life or what suburb you grew up in when you were at Wrigley Field on a warm day…we were all Cubs fans and being a part of something so huge was magical. I’m pretty sure this is how all Cubs fans feel. It’s been 108 years and it’s been too long. It’s happening!

I haven’t lived in Chicago for many years now but it’s still where I call home. It’s still where my parents live and where I spent my childhood and all of my formidable years. Chicago is home because Chicago is where my heart is and the Cubs symbolize the underdog spirit of the city I love.

It’s about more than winning a game. It’s about all the people we love or have loved that have loved the Cubs; parents, grandparents, friends and family alike who aren’t alive to see this. This is for them. This is everything. If you are a Cubs fan, you know what I’m talking about! I’m thrilled to have the memories and to be sharing this world series with my girls and the next generation of Cubs fans.

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Anyways, my chest if puffed up just a little bit because my heart is bursting with pride. We’ve got this Cubbies! Rizzo, Chapman, Bryant and all the boys… We’ve waited a lifetime and we deserve this. Let’s get that W!

This is gonna change everything. I can feel it!

Cubs, Cubbies, Let's go cubbies, Go Cubs Go, Chicago Cubs. World Series, Game 7, Chicago


Let’s Go Cubbies!!! Go Cubs Go!


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