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Catholic school girl, nun

Catholic School Girl Gone Nun

by Deborah Cruz

Catholic school girl gone Nun~ Is this something that I should be concerned with? I enrolled my little girls in Catholic school because 1) we are Catholic and I loved the spiritual aspect of it 2) I believe faith is instilled not learned 3) the test scores are substantially higher at the Catholic school compared to the public school she would be attending 4) the uniforms are A.dor.able!!!Everyone knows that. But I’ve been noticing that there is a kind of catholic school girl mentality that is seeping in…almost taking over my little girl. Everything is Jesus this and God made me that, which, don’t get me wrong, is sweet but my little catholic school girl seems to be metamorphosing into a little nun. That scares me a little bit.

catholic school girl

This is a Good Catholic School Girl

I am very happy that my little catholic school girl is so spiritual and finds such comfort in religion. The other day, she brought home a picture that she had drawn and it read, “God Created me!”. To which I replied, “Well, I think Daddy and I had something to do with it too. But yes, God did  bless us with you.” Her reply, ” Mommy, it wasn’t you. It was God.” She was resolute in her answer and that was that. I fully suspect that every time she does anything these days, save for beat on her little sister, she first asks herself…What WOULD Jesus do? I find it absolutely fabulous that she is concerned with the moral ramifications of what she does on a daily basis.  I am very proud of her. She is learning her prayers and hymns. Today, she sang in the church choir and presented the wine to the Father. I have never seen her look so proud. Even when she got her part in the Nutcracker last year , she wasn’t this excited. I couldn’t help but puff out my chest a bit and think to myself, Look at my kid. She is amazing. I understood that whole holier than thou saying.

Amazing little Catholic School Girl

But then she came home and set up a prayer station and insists that I must use her vial of holy water , that she brought home, to cross myself each night before our prayers. I suppose that it could be worse, she could go all Angelina on me and carry around a vial of blood. Yes. I did just say that my 6 year old carries around a vial of holy water like a drunk carries a flask of whiskey on his person at all times. I think this may be a bit extreme. Or perhaps, my little catholic school girl is planning on battling Vampires while I sleep. Or maybe she’s just trying to prove her theory that I am, in fact, a witch. Will I melt? Will I not melt? Who knows. Either way, how can I argue with my little girl when she devoutly kneels in front of her makeshift prayer station and prays for her Daddy to return safely from his business trip or for or house to sell. My little girl really is amazing. She’s certainly a better person than I am. But I can’t help being a little concerned about the accelerated speed at which she is embracing her faith. I fear that by next year she will be choosing her ordination habit.

Have you ever experienced this? Am I the only one? Am I over analyzing? I mean, honestly, I should be thrilled that she is embracing something positive, right? This is what I wanted. I think. I wanted my children to be spiritual and have a solid foundation in their faith. I guess I just never realized just how young children are when they start becoming who they will be. I don’t know how I feel about that. It’s like ringing a bell. You can’t un-ring it. I guess I just thought I had more time before she chose her path in life but I feel like she’s already forming opinions and beliefs and that is amazing and a little bit scary to me. My little catholic school girl is growing up so fast.


Catholic school girl, nun

Extreme Catholic School Girl

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dweej {House Unseen} 2011/09/21 - 9:57 pm

Oh girl, first of all, do not stress! Kids LOVE to test us. Your only recourse is to church right back at her if she goes a little to far past your comfort zone. Perhaps a little study of the 6th commandment will get her attention, right? You know, if her holier than thou gets a little too holy? And as far as the creating her thing goes, unless she knows how babies are made (and probably not yet, right?) she has no way of comprehending that it takes two humans AND a spirit for it to come together just right. She’s just working through all this new, exciting information :). You should be proud that she’s smart enough to pick this stuff up so fast!

Truthful Mommy 2011/09/21 - 10:15 pm

OH, I am proud of her. I think she is just growing up so fast and so smart that it blows my mind a little bit. BUt I think she is awesome:) I couldn’t be prouder of my girls. Love those little monkeys:)

Tracy@TheComfortZone 2011/09/21 - 10:55 pm

Our little girl goes to Catholic school, too. I love it! She is four and learning to read and is already writing sentences. My husband is catholic and I am half-Catholic so I really like that they teach religion, because I honestly don’t know enough about the Church. Those little uniforms are adorable! I love them! One of the sweetest moments was one Sunday during Mass, my 4yo sang “Our Father” with the congregation (we sing it as a congregation). Not only was I proud that she knew the prayer, but I was slightly embarrassed because she sang the prayer as LOUD as she could! Every one turned to look 🙂

Kalley C 2011/09/22 - 5:17 pm

No need to worry, when I was young and in catholic school I was exactly the same way. Right now she’s impressionable, and I think it’s adorable.

(Of course, I said that I wanted to be nun when I grew up, and my mother said that she wants grandkids, so that’s a no-go.)

When my girl is of age, I’m looking forward to sending her to catholic school (or homeschool–whole can of worms there), but I think that the schools are great foundation for faith and education.

Busy Mom 2011/09/23 - 11:40 am

I was that way, too. It’s just the age, don’t worry.

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jess 2011/10/01 - 10:06 pm

I love it. My brother used to play church at home. Now he’s a marine. Lol.

I loved what Ava was learning. If the educational side had matched up to public school I would have loved to keep her there. She always had such wonderful holy things to say.

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