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Is the Starbucks Red Cup Debacle Just a Marketing Ploy?

I don’t drink Starbucks coffee that often because honestly, it usually tastes a little burnt and I prefer my Nespresso but the other day, on the […]
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Is Your Religion Making You Stupid?

I’ve been doing a lot of praying over the past week and I have asked for your prayers and positive thoughts. Those prayers meant everything to […]

Easter: Do This in Memory of Me

Easter is one of the few times you will read a religious post on here. My religion is the one thing I feel is very personal […]

Pope Francis,Jorge Bergoglio, a Return to Simplicity & Humility for the Catholic Church

Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, of Argentina A new pope, Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been elected. The white smoke has risen and a new […]
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Catholic School Girl Gone Nun

Catholic school girl gone Nun~ Is this something that I should be concerned with? I enrolled my little girls in Catholic school because 1) we are […]