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Blogiversary celebration Guest Post #1 ~Scary Mommy

by Deborah Cruz

Today, I have my first guest post blogger in a series of bloggers to help kick off my 2nd blogiversary celebration. 2 years people!OMG! ( I feel like streamers and balloons should be dropping from the bloggy ceiling right about now). I am absolutely over the moon to welcome the fabulously wonderful Jill AKA Scary Mommy to The TRUTH about Motherhood. I adore Jill for her honesty and her candor on her blog. Her tagline says  An honest take on Motherhood, so she is absolutely my kind of people. If you are not already familiar with her blog, I suggest that you go and check her out and make sure that you congratulate her on her new Target deal. She’s so pretty, witty and wise that she has been selected by Target to be a part of their new Fashion Experiment . She will make you laugh and cry,sometimes both in a single post. No matter the situation, you will walk away feeling like you just had a long talk with a good girlfriend..a real mom. You know…one just like you but with a much better sense of humor. Thank you so much Jill for joining in on my Blogiversary Blogipalooza celebration!


Mothers & Daughters


Jeff and I were lazy parents last night. We stuck the kids in our bed, put on a movie and decided they could just fall asleep without teeth brushing, stories and songs.

The two of us sat on the couch together; no computers, no kids. It was nice. We talked.

Jeff told me about how sweet Lily has been with him lately.

The night before, when he tucked her in, the two of them lay side by side in her twin bed and reminisced. He told the story of the night he fell in love with her, in her lilac room in our very first house. She was a few months old and crying in her crib. He went it to console her and she looked up at him, smiled and he melted, as only a father can.

He told her of the time when he’d been away on business and came home and she was so happy to see him that she cried tears of joy as she hugged him close. She teared up and cuddled with him, remembering that feeling. They traded countless stories and laughed and dozed off together.

She’s been amazing, lately, Jeff said, his voice shaking. Fathers and daughters, I sighed.

He looked at me, expectantly.

She told me she hated me four times today, I contributed.

Mothers and daughters.


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susan 2011/05/03 - 2:31 am

it’s a good day when told less than 5 times either a/what a terrible mother i am, b/ i’m the meanest mother in the whole wide world or c/i am so mean and strict:) or d/am i talking to myself here???
girls…gotta love ’em!

Truthful Mommy 2011/05/03 - 8:28 am

I think we may be living exactly the same life. My girls are oddly afflicted with a raging case of selective hearing syndrome whenever I speak. It;s is infuriating. Oh and if I had a penny for every time my 3 yo said :”Me hate you Mommy” or “You ARE NOT THE best MOMMY EVER” then I would be a very wealthy woman.Hang in there, there’s always the teen years that we have to look forward to. Oh did I mention,I;ve told my husband that I will be taking a job with loads f travel once Menses rears its ugly head:)LOL

Jessica 2011/05/03 - 3:21 am

Mothers and Daughters. I know the feeling. I have two girls.

Truthful Mommy 2011/05/03 - 8:29 am

I;m sure it only gets better as they get older:)LOL so we have that to look forward to. I will love my daughters beyond comprehension right up until the moment they make me completely lose my mind:)

Mommy's Paradise 2011/05/03 - 5:48 am

Well, I have no daughter but one little boy, so am I supposed to have the ‘Mothers and Sons’ relationship, similar to ‘Fathers and Daughters’? In a way definitely yes, but on the other hand absolutely no, and that’s he hard part when the Mom is at home taking care of daily business and the dad at work for long hours. So my Hubs gets the amazing ‘Fathers and Sons’ a lot.

Truthful Mommy 2011/05/03 - 8:31 am

I understand that. I firmly believe that Mommies are the organic nutritious meal that sustains children but daddies…are all dessert, all the time. My husband is only home on weekends because of work and he is perfection in blue jeans to my girl. That man can do no wrong but I make them go to bed and I’m the devil:( *boo*hiss for having to be bad cop…every day…all day.

JDaniel4's Mom 2011/05/03 - 8:58 am

There are days when my three year old doesn’t like either parent. He keeps up hopping.

Truthful Mommy 2011/05/03 - 9:51 am


Clayton thomas 2011/05/03 - 2:52 pm

Oh my, that is funny! Great post!

Twitter: @claylauren2001

Truthful Mommy 2011/05/04 - 9:29 am

totally relateable right?I felt as if someone slipped in a saw an episode of our family:) Jill puts into words what most of us feel.

nic @mybottlesup 2011/05/03 - 5:43 pm

jackson hates everyone. until you offer him fruit snacks. then he will express his undying love and affection for you. until the fruit snack package is empty. then he hates everyone again.

Truthful Mommy 2011/05/04 - 9:28 am

Hey, at least he’s easy to please. My girls will ask for something, change their mind while I’m getting it and hate me anyway for not handing it to them the right way .There is no winning with my monkeys:(

Dana 2011/05/03 - 5:48 pm

Uggh, I can relate. Yesterday, my 3yo told me that she and her 1yo brother were being naughty because “we don’t like you anymore, mommy.” Knife in heart and twist. Really?! Already?!

Truthful Mommy 2011/05/04 - 9:27 am

They really know how to go for the jugular don’t they?Mine do the same:(

Alexandra 2011/05/05 - 4:50 pm

We have 3 boys, who are so basic.

Girls are more multilayered, and that’s the wonderful thing about them.

Very nice first guest post, on your blogoversary, Deb.

Perfectly sweet, and real.

A Mommy in the City 2011/05/05 - 4:58 pm

My daughter has those days. I will come home sometimes after she has spent a day with my husband and he tells me that she has been an angel. Two seconds after I get home she is throwing tantrums!

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