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sony bloggie touch, sony, bloggie, video camera, tech, camera handheld

Sony Bloggie Touch Videocamera ~ Attention: All Mammarazzi’s and Social Media NInja’s

by Deborah Cruz

sony bloggie touch, sony, bloggie, video camera, tech, camera handheld

The Sony Bloggie Touch

What is it? Sony Bloggie Touch MHS-TS20 camera Attractive, lightweight, and small.  The Sony Bloggie Touch is an uncomplicated, pocket-sized camera ready at a moment’s notice. It makes it easier than ever to record life’s must see moments in high definition and share those memorable moments with our loved ones. Every Bloggie captures beautiful HD, 1080P video in the web-friendly MP4 format, perfect for uploading to sites like YouTube which is a great selling feature to those of us who are up to our eyeballs in social media. You can even use the Dual Record feature and simultaneously take pictures while shooting video. I love that because I HATE switching between my DSLR and my video camera.That  little camera dance usually translates into me saying forget it. The handy HDMI™ out even lets you watch videos on your HDTV. The Sony Bloggy Touch also allows the photographer to capture up to 12.8-megapixel stills with impeccable detail for cropping shots or large prints.

What does the Sony Bloggie Touch say it will do?

  • 1920×1080 HD MP4 recording: The Bloggie Touch camera lets you record your favorite moments anytime, anywhere. Using the MP4 format, the Bloggie Touch shoots video in 1920×1080 high definition, as well as captures 12.8MP still images
  • 12.8MP still images: Enjoy capturing clear, crisp still photos at 12.8MP resolution. The high resolution yields incredible detail while giving you the flexibility for large prints and cropping
  • Capacitive touch-screen LCD: The touch screen LCD utilizes an easy to use touch & slide method for searching through your videos and pictures
  • 3.0″ LCD with vertical/horizontal operation: The 3.0″ touch screen LCD (measured diagonally) will rotate its orientation automatically; however you hold the camera – horizontally, vertically, left, right, even upside down
  • Up to 4 hours HD video: Record and store up to four hours of high-definition video footage (default setting) to the Bloggie Touch camera’s 8GB of built-in flash memory
  • flip-out USB arm
  • Image stabilization. Got shaky hands? SteadyShot image stabilization technology is built in to help reduce blur, making your videos and photos look even better. 

Does it do what it says it will do? The Sony Bloggy Touch does everything it says it will do. The quality of the photos is amazing and the video that I have shot with my Bloggie Touch is impeccable, provided that I stay in natural light or a well lit room. Once the lighting is compromised, I notice the quality is not as great. Another thing that I wish it had was perhaps a flash and that the button to capture photos was a little more functional. As it stands, you have to push so hard on the button to capture the photo that it sometimes ends up making the photo blurry. Overall, I really enjoy shooting with the Bloggie Touch.

Do you need to consult a manual or is it “User Friendly”? You do not need to consult the manual to use the Sony Bloggie Touch. All is needed is a little common sense and an eye for photography. It is a very easy to use, good quality camera that takes high quality photos and video and can fit right into your pocket. It’s about the size of my iPhone. The Sony Bloggie Touch is totally User Friendly and a lot of fun to play with.

Sony Bloggie Touch Commemorating Your life in Real time

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