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Be A Better Me (You) Challenge- Day 23 ~ Pamper Yourself

by Deborah Cruz

Today’s Be A Better Me (You) Challenge- Day 23 ~ Pamper Yourself is one that I am taking to heart. I have been walking around with rough heels, unkempt eyebrows,occasional , slightly hairy upper lip, just enough to get by shaved legs ( lets not even get started on other parts that need to be shaved) , chipped polished on my fingernails and toenails. Yes, I paint such a lovely picture of myself. ..all in the name of the truth. I know I am not the only one. Fess up, Ladies. All afflictions do not usually take place simultaneously but you get the point. I haven’t had a pedicure since my birthday …last year ( so a year on Saturday). My finger nail polish has just learned to give up and go away after a few weeks, on its own. The rough heels, well, ( yes, I know its gross) those bastards seemed to appear around the pregnancy of my second child ( 3 years ago) . I have tried to remedy the situation but its one of those things that needs maintenance…bwahahahha..yeah, that never happens. So my challenge for today is to pamper yourself. If you have to wait til the kids go to sleep, run a hot bath, take a soak, shave those legs in peace, moisturize, give yourself a facial, remove that old nail polish. I promise you will go to bed feeling beautiful and wake up not feeling like a hot disheveled mess. I know this because I have tried it and I will be doing it tonight..after Gray’s , of course. Come on ladies, Saturday is my big date night/ birthday celebration, I have to feel good to look good for my big night. I can’t  be a birthday princess if I feel like a frog! When I feel put together, I always feel more self confident and that has to make me a better me.Hopeyou will all be joining me in pampering yourself this weekend!

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Robin 2010/09/23 - 3:03 pm

There are so many things that don't take that much time and do make us feel so much better. It is worth the time investment to do them. Enjoy your bath. Do it more often and not just for Birthday Date Night!!!

Shell 2010/09/23 - 6:25 pm

Oh, yes! I just had my roots done today! And my eyebrows waxed. I need to shave my legs and paint my toenails now.


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