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Be A Better Me (You) Challenge -Day 12 ~ See yourself through your child’s eyes

by Deborah Cruz

Today’s Be A Better Me (You) Challenge- Day 12-See Yourself through your child’s eyes
As Mommies, we spend so much time on others (occupational hazard) that we forget sometimes who we are. We know that we love our children, love our husband, that we live for them. Everything else seems to be secondary and we are fine with that.Hell, isn’t that what our Mommy brains tell us is right to feel? But we forget the women we are on the inside. We lose sight of our goals, dreams, preferences, what we want; it all gets clouded and lost in all that Mommy brain. It’s like once we have kids, out lives take a definite detour onto a path we have never been on. At least, for me it does.Maybe I am some poor unfortunate soul who has it all wrong. But I don’t think its just me. I’m seriously NOT complaining. I love where I am in my life. I love who I am married to, I love the beautiful girls we have together, I love where we are most days. I just wish I could invite “me” into my own life.I am perfectly aware that I always put myself, at the most, in third place, right behind my two girls and sometimes even behind my husband. So, to help me find my way back to the awesomeness that I once knew I was,that I still am..somwhere in here, I have decided to try and see myself the way my girls see me.Because guess what? My girls ( probably just like your little ones) think I am the friggin Bees Knees. They think I am beautiful, smart, funny, interesting and amazing ( their words …not mine:) You know what? I AM! Shit, I used to know how freaking special I was but I have now reserved those rose colored glasses for my children.Thank God they remind me occasionally how great I am. I’m thankful for the reminder. Think about it, where the hell else did these awesome, brilliant, gorgeous children get all their fabulousness from? And I am not buying the “daddy” bullshit.
My challenge to you is to see yourself through your children’s eyes. Just look at yourself in the same way they look at you. Ask them to describe ‘you’ to you. You will be flattered and reminded of just how great you really are!

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