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Be A Better Me ( You) Challenge-Day 11~ Get Yourself Healthy

by Deborah Cruz

Friday’s Be A Better Me (You) Challenge -Day 10~Date Night
Mine is scheduled for September 25th and I can not wait! But over the past weekend, the Big Guy and I did make time for some “US” time. It had to be done.I have really been missing the Big Guy lately. I can’t wait until we are living in the same zip code again on a full time basis.It’s been a rough few months. There were days when I thought this economy could possibly be the ruin of our marriage. Not because we have ever not loved one another but things get hairy when you can’t see one another. You start to feel like this is the new norm and that’s not what we wanted. Lucky for me, the Big Guy and I had determined a long time ago that we would rather be broke together than wealthy apart and if it got too bad …we’d be together over all else. Thank God, there is an end in sight and believe me that makes a hell of a difference in our disposition.It may not be all unicorns and ice cream just yet, but soon it will be! Hope your date night with your Big Guy helped you to find the you that he dated back in the day.

Obviously , I was having such a good time with the Big Guy that I couldn’t pull myself out of his arms long enough to post my challenge yesterday ( nor did I want to). Hope you can forgive me. I know you all can relate.
So, here is Saturday’s Be A Better Me ( You)Challenge- Day 11 ~Get Yourself Healthy
I know we all spend a lot of time trying to make sure that our families are eating well and getting enough exercise. I mean why else are we spending $200 a week at the grocery store on organic fruits and veggies, free range this and that, no gluten having, brown rice, bread, eggs, etc? Because we want out kids and husband to be healthy and strong and live forever..happily and looking gorgeous. Right? Why else are we spending money on swimming, tennis,soccer, ballet, gymnastics, football, cheerleading, gym/YMCA memberships etc if not to make sure our beloveds are getting their health on? We don’t spend all of our free moments of every day running to and fro for our own sake. But why not? Isn’t our health just as important as that of those who we love? Of course it is. We are the glue that holds it all together. Think about that.If we don’t eat right and exercise who is going to be around to make sure these people we love are taken care of? Bet you hadn’t thought of that. But lets be selfish for a moment, lets say we actually matter….how much better do we feel when we exercise? First, there are the endorphins. I don’t know about you but even though I can freely admit that I hate starting most exercise, I absolutely get off on the endorphin high. It makes me feel awesome, productive, and better about myself. When I have finished a hard workout and sweated away my frustrations , I feel damn sexy. When I don’t, I feel like I have let myself down. Same as when I eat a good healthy meal. I don’t feel as full and bloated, and I feel satisfied and most importantly NOT GUILTY. Feeling guilty and ugly aren’t really my things, so no thanks. Plus, exercising is a great excuse to have your husband spend some quality time paying attention to the crumb snatchers and its the perfect alibi to go have some “you” time. So, not only are you getting healthy, you can steal a moment to yourself, and you will feel fabulous. I hate running but I do know from past experience( a long long time ago) that when you run, your lungs open up and your mind naturally clears. If you don’t like to run; try Turbo jam , Zumba, walking, dancing around the house, whatever gets your heart pumping. You will feel better, look better, and will shift the focus onto you..if even for just a few minutes a day.

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