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curious kids

What Really Happens when Curious Kids Burst through the Door Unexpectedly

by Deborah Cruz

Curious Kids~ My girls are curious to a fault. They have to know, see, and hear absolutely everything that goes on in the house.

Everything. This has led to the creation of the conjugalorium, you know…. the room where all marital relations have had to be relocated to in order to save us all from any uncomfortable silences, unnecessary explanations, and awkward pauses. The girls are 4 and 6 and so we, like most parents, have learned to adapt. But we are not perfect. And though I can keep quiet and we can contain ourselves until we are locked safely behind closed doors in the middle of the night under the cloak of darkness, sometimes that is still not good enough.

Curious Kids they Lurk

My uber (that’s right I said it) technologically advanced 4 -year-old, who I think is the spawn of MacGyver, wanted to use the iPad. Normally she watches Scooby Doo on the iPad next to me or plays Jumpstart, while I clean or check emails, but not this day. Today, she went on a search and destroy mission of the mommy kind. As she was pushing buttons and sliding bars, clicking her way into the bowels of the iPad she stumbled onto NetFlix.

Well, she didn’t stumble as much as she knows what Netflix is and knows there is a healthy selection of kids shows on there.I noticed that I didn’t hear Scooby Doo solving any mysteries, so I promptly went to see what was going on. Lord, how 30 seconds of silence feels like an eternity when you know in your bones that your kids up to no good. As I walk in, she is pushing the button to start Dexter. I’ve never moved so quickly in my entire life. Can you just imagine? In her defense, it was situated between Kung Fu Panda, Dino Posse and Dora.

Isn’t it crazy how we can remember to put parental permission locks on all of our TVs, the video game systems, lock the liquor up, babyproof the entire house and yet forget about something as simple as Netflix? How would I even begin to explain an episode of Dexter? Poor kid would have been scarred for life.

Has your kid ever seen or heard something that they shouldn’t have? Dumb question, of course they have. Better question; How did you explain? Busted in on mommy and daddy “wrestling” or watching a rated-R movie or worse walking in while you’re watching one of those damn TLC shows where someone is having surgery or a baby? Can’t wait to hear your explanations!

Oh yeah, I am live at Aiming Low this weekend…the post begs the question…Is that a gerbil in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? I’m am so excited to have been selected to publish I hope you will go over there and show it some love! I promise you’ll giggle and you may even pee a little:)

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Kimberly 2011/06/12 - 5:11 pm

Those little kids work FAST!!! I’m curious to see how others answer this so I know what BS to keep in my head for the future!

A Mommy in the City 2011/06/13 - 8:40 pm

Oh wow! Harlan knows how to use my iPhone and she is only 21 months. These kids and their technology amazes me!

HerMelness Speaks 2011/06/14 - 5:14 am

“Mummy and Daddy” are testing out this cream, jello and KY Jelly to see which washes out of bed clothing better. Uh huh! it’s a sponsored post.”

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