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Why I Forbid Our Daughters from Sleepovers at Other People’s Houses

Sleepover, we don’t need no stinkin’ sleepovers! Yesterday, I came across a kerfuffle on social media about sleepovers and slumber parties, of all things. Apparently, if you […]

Mothers and Daughters~When the Apple falls Nowhere Near the Tree

Mother and daughters, I never could have imagined the extent of the importance this relationship would someday hold in my life. The very words mother-daughter relationship […]

Nutrisystem Update ~ Week 21

Well, I was very excited last week with Nutrisystem and my second consecutive 2 pound weight loss. I was all cocky on my high horse, doing […]

Friendly Flirting or is Facebook the Top Reason for Divorce?

Facebook is a time machine to your past I ran into a situation on Facebook last week that was foreign to me. It was as foreign […]

NO texting while driving for me…anymore!

Tonight, I settled into my  Sunday evening quiet by turning on the television and mindlessly flipping the dial. I stopped on Extreme Makeover. I NEVER stop […]