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mom, coca cola, #inseparable,mother's day, mothers

A Mother and her Child’s Heart are Inseparable

by Deborah Cruz

This is part of a sponsored campaign with DiMe Media and Coca-Cola but all opinions expressed about my mother are my own.

In a Latino home, Papi may be el Rey but Mami is the glue that keeps the kingdom together. The women in the family are the caretakers; the nurturers and we all stick together. My daughters love their grandma and their aunts, almost as much as they love me and vice versa. There is a special bond between children and the women who nurture them, whether it is their biological mother or the mother figure that helps raise them. The bond is the same.

mom, coca cola, #inseparable,mother's day, mothers

The most important person to any child is his “Mama”. That relationship is inseparable. No matter how you look at it, the love shared between a mother and her child is amazing; an amplification of the miracle of motherhood. It is the embodiment of true and unconditional love.

Unfortunately, eventually children grow up and move away. That’s what we work so hard for, to make them strong, independent adults who want to go out and explore the world. Of course, it hurts a little bit being left behind so we live for those special occasions when we know our children will call, like Mother’s Day. But what if the only thing that stood between us and our children or us and our own mother’s for that matter was distance? Would we let that stop us? What if we had no choice?

coca cola, mother's day, #inseparable

What better day to let mom know how truly special and inspirational she is than on Mother’s Day? I am lucky, my mom only lives a couple hours away but some people’s mothers live across the country or even in another country. I know a little bit about that too, my father lives in Mexico 8 months of the year. It’s hard when someone you love is so far away and even harder when it’s so expensive to call another country on a landline.

This Mother’s Day, Coca-Cola is partnering with DiMe Media to spread the amor for our madres this Día de Las Madres. Coca-Cola is providing a way for every child to call his mother, no matter where she is in the world.

mom, coca cola, #inseparable,mother's day, mothers

Remember those old Coca Cola commercials about having a Coke and a smile? Buying the world a coke and keeping it company? Coke cares about people and this year to make us happy; Coke is helping us keep our Moms happy on Mother’s day by calling her.

Coca Cola is making it possible for everyone to speak to their mama on Mother’s Day for free! FREE!! Coca Cola wants to make sure that you and your mother are #Inseparable

Here is how it works:

Once you watch the Mother’s Day video you will be prompted to input your DOB (Date of Birth), phone number and your mother’s phone number. A California number calls the user, they pick up and it begins calling their mom. The mom also will see a California number.

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Coca-Cola will help you connect with your Mami or that special ‘mom’ no matter where she is around the world this Mother’s Day.

The Surprise Call to your Mother or a special mom figure is applicable to residents of the U.S. and Puerto Rico.


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