Throat Punch Thursday ~JCPenney’s Too Pretty for Homework Edition

Throat Punch Thursday~JCPenney's Too Pretty for Homework EditionJcPenney’s; When Your daughter is Too Sexy to be Smart

JCPenney’s got the market cornered on bad choices today. It started with a bad product choice and only got worse with the ridiculous marketing.

“Who has time for homework when there’s a new Justin Bieber album out? She’ll love this tee that’s just as cute and sassy as she is.”

Wow!Really?? Vapid? Shallow? Insulting on more levels than my pretty girl head can figure out. This t-shirt basically suggests that girls who are pretty are stupid, lazy and/or manipulative or a combination of the three. Basically this t-shirt translates into “Pretty= As stupid as you want to be!”

The question is how stupid do you want to be? Are you stupid enough to buy this shirt? Or worse, by it for your little girl? Do you think pretty girls are stupid? Do you think that people who are pretty shouldn’t have to do any work? Is this the sexist message that you want to send out into the world? I’m talking to you JCPenney’s.

JCPenney’s; Too Pretty for Homework

I take great offense to this t-shirt. I know that many people think that the response to this shirt is blown out of proportion. Many say, just don’t buy the shirt. Walk away. Live and let live. But this shirt’s message is bigger than just buying a shirt. It is setting women back decades. It perpetuates the myth that in order for a woman to be beautiful she can not be equally as intelligent. It plants a seed in a little girls brain that grows into a full blown way of thinking. Can you imagine being a little girl and THIS is the message your parents send to you. It’s a not good enough message. If you are pretty, which I hope all parents tell their daughters, then it stands to reason ( from this shirt) that you are not smart and a third party is necessary to handle all of your heavy intellect lifting.

JcPenney Too Pretty to do HomeworkJCPenney's

JCPenney’s , thanks for setting feminism back 100 years.

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This really gets my goat too, as a guy, because I hear about all the respect women deserve but apparently don’t have. I’m convicted and complained about, as a guy because all guys are keeping all women down according to some. I’m the first guy out there to say that women can and should do whatever they want and believe that they have all the same capacity (if not more!) than men. But then you see this junk which, if actually bought and worn, sends a totally idiotic message about both girls and boys (why does the brother have to do the girl’s homework anyway?) Maybe it should be sold so that the girls who buy it can be identified and reprogrammed.

That shirt was horrendous. The sad thing is that you know moms had to be buying it! That’s worse than the fact that JCPenney sold it. I’m so glad they pulled it.

WOW, that is seriously disgusting. What, are we reverting back to the 50’s where women relied on looks to have a good life? Give me a break Penny’s! Take that off the racks!

It seems like when we take one step forward, something happens we end up taking 4 steps back. Any parent who bought this was obviously sending mixed signals to their daughter (or eek…granddaughter). Glad it was pulled.

Sometimes as consumers we are lulled into compliance; glad this woke up the masses.

That shirt is horrendous!

Way to value a womans/girls intelligence JC Penney! Totally throat punch worthy!

I couldn’t agree more!

the shirt is completely ridiculous… not sure why anyone would buy it. i know they were trying to be cute and sassy but they failed – EPICALLY!

Amen~ I would say that I didn’t know what they were thinking but I think that is the point…they were not thinking. What an epic failure, for sure!

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