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What’s so Special about the Nutcracker Ballet?

This past week, Bella performed in her 7th Nutcracker and Gabs in her 4th. I remember Bella’s 1st like it was yesterday. I remember how my […]
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We’re All Allowed to Go a Little Bat Shit Crazy Occasionally

The world is freaking out because the U.S. government has shutdown. But haven’t we known for some time that our government has become a petulant child […]

You’re A Good Girl & You Know It

You know how people tell you that you have such good kids and you are like..go on! Because you know the bickering and squabbles that come […]
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Mommy Moment Monday ~Nutcracker 2012 Edition

Mommy Moment Monday~There are these moments in motherhood where I stand in awe of these little people that I helped to bring into the world. They […]

Daughter of Mine ~ The Nutcracker’s Tiniest Soldier

Daughter of Mine~ My children are, as they are for most moms, the most important things in my life. I don’t say this as a metaphor, […]

The Lump in My Heart Runneth Over

I fully realize this picture is fuzzy but there is something ethereal about & it is very reminiscent of how the weekend felt. The house lights […]

Wordless Wednesday;Nutcracker Tea Edition


I almost vomited over a Snowflake

Snowflake, be still my beating heart. Saturday, the day we’d been waiting for for the past 3 years finally happened.Ella started ballet when she was  3 […]