Miley Cyrus, Fat, demi lovato,

Throat Punch Thursday~ Miley Cyrus: Don’t Call Me Fat! Edition

Miley Cyrus is NOT Fat Miley Cyrus: Don’t Call Me Fat! ~ Seriously, what in the world is wrong with people? Miley Cyrus is not fat. […]

Frogs are for soup, Friends are forever!

Friends~Today, I was reminded of a growing trend in today’s world, especially in regards to Mommies. You see, I am fully aware of the fact that, […]

My Girls

I’ve got sunshine….on a cloudy day~  And when it’s cold outside, I ‘ve got the month of May~ ….I guess you’ll say, What can make me […]

FYI, 4’s the new 16!

Have you heard that new saying that 40’s the new 20? Well, I don’t know who’s believing that load of crap but I’m pretty sure its […]

Hey,Look at that Fat Girl

Let me preface this by saying, I am so paranoid about my girls developing body issues that if you ask them ,”What are you?” Their standard […]