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A Priest who Doesn’t Condemn Abortion

Today is the 43rd anniversary of the controversial Roe v. Wade abortion ruling. I have always been torn between my pro-life Catholic upbringing and my pro-choice heart. […]
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Throat Punch Thursday ~ Senator Hatch, There is No Such thing as a “Recreational” Abortion

Can someone please explain to me what a recreational abortion is? Well, once again my guest recipient for today’s Throat Punch is a politician but surprisingly […]

Throat Punch Thursday~Teen takes Parents to Court and her Baby Gets Stay of Execution

It’s a crazy world when you have to take your parents to court to avoid having a forced abortion. Look, I get where a parent might […]
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What Would You Do if Someone Discussed Abortion with Your 5-year-old?

I’ve got a presidential election hangover from all the excitement, anxiety and combustible tension of last night, did I mention lack of sleep? Holy cow, the […]
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Throat Punch Thursday~ Jane Roe Says Obama Murders Babies; Pot Calling Kettle Black Edition

Jane Roe then Jane Roe, of  Roe vs. Wade, whose real name is Norma McCorvey  has made an anti-Obama ad. Jane Roe, the very same woman […]
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Joe Walsh Claims Abortion Without Exception is Wrong Every Time and Never Necessary

Joe Walsh there are Exceptions to Every Rule Late last week, Republican Representative Joe Walsh sparked a firestorm in suggesting there’s no medical reason to perform […]

Irate Mama

OK,so I live by Notre Dame University. Most of you are aware of the current controversy of President Obama delivering the commencement speech. The reason that […]