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Quarantine over, Stop Being Ashamed of Catching CoVid

Stop Being Ashamed of Catching CoVid

by Deborah Cruz

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OMG! I’m noticing a new trend. All of my friends who’ve been doing their part for the past 2 years to “stop the spread” are now catching Omicron. Whether they are vaccinated and boostered, masking up, social distancing or staying in a state of hermit-ness, fucking Omicron does not discriminate. The mutations are smarter than a lot of people and this variant has learned how to get past all the security. I’m here to tell you, you have done everything you’re supposed to be doing so please stop being ashamed of catching CoVid. You didn’t catch Omicron, it caught you!  You did everything right and thank God you got those vaccinations because that’s why you’ll feel shitty for a week or so and your “Let’s Go Brandon” neighbor is on a ventilator in the ICU.

Speaking of being smarter than a lot of people, another thing I noticed is that a shit ton of people who are not vaccinated are catching Omicron (because it is everywhere) and luckily they are getting nothing more than flu-like symptoms (yes, the flu still sucks balls but it is decidedly better than death). I’m glad they are able to survive with fewer hospitalizations and deaths but why must they all get so in your face about how it was nothing and they told you, you were overreacting. My mom raised a “better safe than sorrier” and my dad raised a “MexiCan not a MexiCant” so I’m taking all the precautions, if that makes me “overreacting” I’d like to keep safely overreacting over here away from your free-flying cooties.

What really scares me is what if the next variant is as contagious as Omicron but as deadly as the original or Delta? What then? Then all these people are out here feeling invincible and then they die. I don’t think stupidity is a crime that should be punishable by death but damn, it feels like we’re getting bamboozled and not in a fun dog shit jelly bean kind of way. More like I thought it was indigestion but it was really a heart attack way. So, can y’all be a little humbler about your survival and a little less “Suck it CoVid” because I just feel like a lot of you are getting in God’s face too much and I mean, isn’t one pandemic enough? Just be thankful you survived and pray you don’t have long haul CoVid because CoVid is a vengeful bitch.

Now, back to my “I did everything right and I still Got Got” friends, do not be ashamed or embarrassed that you caught CoVid. It is literally everywhere right now. You are more likely to get it than not at this point.  Stop hanging your head. Sit up straight, take a deep breath and when you’re better, put your N95 mask back on, stay in the house, wash your hands and be gentle to yourself. The only way we’re making it is through this; there is no way around it.

Look, I’m not trying to complain about anyone. I’m too tired for that. If this pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that there is no depths to which my emotional and mental exhaustion won’t go. I’d just like to stop expecting people to be dead. Honestly, it doesn’t even shock me anymore. In fact, when I don’t see you in my online treads or feeds for a while, I’ve probably written you off as dead. If you think kids playing first-person shooter games and listening to rated-E rap music was desensitizing your children to violence, well buddy, the pandemic has upped the ante because I literally expect everyone to die. Omicron is the teenage mutant ninja turtle of viruses and not in a good way.

How have you been dealing with all the new developments of the pandemic? Masking ? Not Masking? Pro-social distancing? Anti- social distancing? I’ll be honest, I’m too tired to worry about what everyone else is doing. I am assessing each risk as it happens. Mostly when in crowded indoor places, I’m still wearing a mask but when I’m outdoors, I feel pretty confident that I can breathe freely. I’m still very aware that everything is a risk and I proceed with caution but I am proceeding.

Stay safe, be kind and just remember that we are all just trying our best to survive the unknown. And please…

Stop Being Ashamed of Catching CoVid

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