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seattle school shooting,Bremerton Washington, Amina Bowman, Armin Jahir Elementary, NRA, gun discharge

Throat Punch Thursday~ Seattle School Shooting Edition

by Deborah Cruz

Throat Punch Thursday,Seattle, school shooting, Washington, Amina Kocer-Bowman,  Armin Jahr Elementary School

Seattle school shooting

Seattle School Shooting ~ You read that right. In case you weren’t already terrified enough of letting your kids out of your sight after Anders Behring Breivik or Levi Aron, nothing like a Seattle school shooting to remind you. According to Bremerton police, Wednesday, 2/22/12, a gun was brought to a Armin Jahr Elementary, in a 9 year old’s backpack. The gun accidentally discharged, critically wounding his 8-year-old classmate, Amina Bowman. Just like that we have a Seattle School shooting in the news. Amina was shot in the abdomen and had to be rushed to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, where she is now listed in critical condition.

Amina Bowman’s parents woke up yesterday morning and got their 8 year old daughter ready for school, not unlike I did my 6 year old. After some idle chit chat and excitement, they had breakfast, followed by drop off where they assumed she would safely spend her day. They kissed their little girl good bye, expecting her return that evening. Never could they have fathomed that this could be the last time they saw their little girl.

seattle school shooting,Bremerton Washington, Amina Bowman, Armin Jahir Elementary, NRA, gun dischargeThroat Punches all around.

The Asshats who fight for stupid people to have the right to bear arms. If you are going to fight so diligently for the right to bear arms, at the very least be equally as vigilant in your pursuit to have stupid assholes sterilized and/or given an IQ test before being handed a gun and the right to buy bullets.

Throat punch to the kid who brought the loaded gun to school in his backpack. Why did he have the gun in the first place? Was he planning on shooting up the entire school Columbine style? Is he a lunatic? Was it that easy for him to just grab a loaded gun on the way out the door to school? Don’t his parents check his backpack to see what homework he has or for correspondences from the teacher? It can’t be just me who does this?

Seattle School Shooting Terrifies Bremerton

Super sized Throat Punch to his idiot parents. Who keeps a loaded gun lying around the house with children? Who keeps the gun in a place that the child even knows about? Who taught this kid that it’s alright to handle firearms? Do these people NOT pay any attention to this child at all? I think the parents are at biggest fault overall. It was their responsibility to teach him better and if they are going to keep weapons of mass destruction lying around the house, lock them up or unload them. Put them in a locked gun chest. For the love of God, don’t teach your 9 year old that it’s okay to pick it up, put it in his backpack and go to school with it.

I’m pretty sure if I were Amina Bowman’s parents I would be asking that this little boy’s parents be punished to the full extent of the law, pay Amina’s medical bills, be publicly flogged and then maybe shot in the abdomen as well.

Hope you will link up your Throat Punch Thursday posts with me. I wanted to extend a personal invite to all of you to link up any posts in which you air a grievance, call out any asshatery,or just dole out a well deserved throat punch to one of societies shortcomings or political douche canoes. If not this week, I do it EVERY single Thursday and would love for any or all of you to join in! All you have to do is grab the Throat Punch Thursday button ( listed under the “about” tab at the top of the page), put it in your blog post and link up.Since GFC is abandoning  Wordpress blogs in March please consider subscribing via RSS or email.

What are your thoughts? What would you do if you were Amina’s parents? What’s the world coming to when the your 8-year-olds day ends with a Seattle school shooting?

Seattle School Shooting should have Never Happened


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Jennifer 2012/02/23 - 2:32 pm

I don’t see how the NRA is at fault. I blame the parents. If you are going to own guns then you need to be a responsible gun owner, and if you have kids you need to be a responsible parent.

Truthful Mommy 2012/02/26 - 3:37 pm

Jennifer, I 100% agree that the parents are to blame. I agree that people who own guns who have kids need to be responsible and teach their children proper and safe weapon handling. My throat punch to the NRA is in general to people who have not made the weapon handling laws stringent enough and provided enough education so that those who are in possession of arms are required to do so safely. I know that the fault is not solely on the NRA and not specifically. Thank you for your opinion.

Latia 2012/02/23 - 4:55 pm

I thinks every one needs to be responsible so that no one can suffer like this..

Truthful Mommy 2012/02/26 - 3:38 pm

Most importantly, above all else, the parents should have been responsible for their son and have locked their guns up , at the very least, for his safety.

Hanni 2012/02/23 - 8:04 pm

The NRA??? Really? Do you blame Ford for putting cars on the road that stupid people get into and kill people with? People who seem to think that it’s OK to have some drinks and get in their car and drive? It amazes me when people give the gun lobby such a hard time but pay no attention to drunk driving, which is SO much more of a problem in our society than guns. Look up the statistics and get a clue!

stoopmama 2012/02/24 - 7:10 pm

I’m sorry, but Hanni? CARS were not invented to kill people. You know what WAS invented to kill people?

Wait for it…..


Comparing guns to cars, knives, bathtubs, rope, or pretty much ANYTHING ELSE is moot and ridiculous.

If some gun-owning asshole’s kid ever brings their weapon to school and shoots MY KID, I’ll kill them. Guns kill, people.

THIS IS NOT WHAT THE WRITERS OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS INTENDED, so stop saying it’s a “constitutional right” for you to own guns for NO REASON.

Truthful Mommy 2012/02/26 - 4:08 pm

I am with you,if this were my daughter, I’d be doing everything in my power to see to it that this child and his parents were prosecuted, more so the parents. These parents , in my opinion, are negligent in many ways.
Also,the right to keep and bear arms was written into the constitution at a time when people needed to protect themselves on a grander scheme. This is no longer the case. I agree. But if people are going to have the right to bear and keep arms, we need to have a more stringent process for letting them do so.
Guns are made to kill, not to caress or kiss gently. They serve no other purpose than to kill, injury or mame. I am also aware that most gun owners know this and know not to pull a gun unless they intend to use it. This boy had an intention to use that gun at some point down the line. He learned that mindset from his parents, who apparently think that life is disposable.
Thank you for your comment and agreeing with me, apparently we take the unpopular one,

Truthful Mommy 2012/02/26 - 3:49 pm

I do not think it’s OK to drink and drive, or text and drive but I also don’t think that some people should be afforded the right to bear arms because they, obviously as is the case here, are not responsible. If you are a parent,you know that we are responsible for our children’s safety and well being as well as their actions . These paretns not only failed their own child but they failed the little girl who was unsuspectingly shot in the stomach. Can you imagine what her parents must be going through?
I don’t know why you have to be so venomous when you comment. I did not make a personal attack on you. If you do not like my opinion that is fine. You are welcome not to read. But this is my blog and I am entitled to my opinion. I will not make apologies for my beliefs, no more than I ask you to do for yours.
You are correct, I am not an NRA expert. To win your argument, perhaps you should have provided me with some statistics to prove otherwise rather than only tell me to get a clue.

Cindi 2012/02/24 - 9:11 am

As a Seattlite, I agree the parents should be charged with criminal neglect, child endangerment and whatever else they can think of but, to say this happend because of those who fight to keep our rights of the 2nd Amendment? (The right to keep and bare arms.) Wrong! This boy and family have been known to have issues before the shooting. He brought the gun to school because he was preparing to ‘run away’ and ‘wanted protection’. That sounds like a parenting issue, not an NRA issue.

If you’re curious about the little girl; she’s doing a little better but still critical and has a huge road a head of her.

Truthful Mommy 2012/02/26 - 3:54 pm

I agree that the parents are the responsible parties on many levels. But I also believe there needs to be a more stringent process for people to obtain permits to own guns.I know the amendment well aside from being a writer I am a Political Scientist with degrees in history and criminology. I am well aware of the people’s right to keep and bear arms for protection. Perhaps, the boys parents should have done a better job of protecting their son from this ordeal and the little girl from being shot. Perhaps, someone should protect us all from irresponsible people handling guns.
Thank you for the update on the little girl. I pray that she gets well soon with little to no issues. Of course, I’m sure she will be forever scarred by the ordeal of being shot at school.

Evin Cooper 2012/02/24 - 10:07 am

As a gun owner and a parent, I would agree that the parents are 100% at fault. But your throat punch to the people who fight for “stupid people’s right to bear arms” … only smart people can have guns? Who’s going to make that decision? As a well-armed liberal, I would probably be the first one deemed “unfit” to own a weapon by the NRA.

The problem is 100% the parents. Children should be taught gun safety from day one, guns should be locked up and inaccessible to kids.

Truthful Mommy 2012/02/26 - 4:03 pm

I agree 100% that the parents are to blame.
But I do think there should be more stringent laws to decide as to can own a gun. I am not saying only people of a certain IQ, what I meant to say are people of a certain moral obligation and civic responsibility. People need to know that there are consequences to their irresponsible actions and innocent little girls who go to school and mind their own business should not wind up in the ICU because an irresponsible parent had a gun lying around where their own child could get it. This boy knew that guns are not allowed at school. Someone said he was planning to run away and wanted protection. Who protected the little girl at school?
There obviously needs to be a more stringent process and gun handling education classes passed for those who want to bear arms. These parents should be prosecuted and held accountable for what their son has done.

Hanni 2012/02/26 - 3:14 pm

CARS were not invented to kill people?? ARE YOU KIDDING??? You’re saying that the different reasons for the invention of guns/cars makes your argument for you? NO. Guns today are primarily used for sport and hunting (unless you’re a law officer or in the military), in case you didn’t know. And comparing guns to cars is absolutely relevant and comparable.

Gun accidents, like car accidents, happen when people do something “stupid”, like leaving a loaded gun in the reach of a child, not being sure what they’re shooting at when hunting, or drinking while handling firearms. The big DIFFERENCE between car and gun accidents, though, is that preventable car accidents are a much, MUCH larger hindrance to our children reaching adult age. If you’ve had a few drinks and gotten behind the wheel, or you’ve texted or been on the phone while driving, then YOU are putting other’s children in danger. And if you think guns are more of a problem than drinking/being distracted and getting behind the wheel of a machine that weighs a ton and moves at highway speeds, then you are totally DELUDED.

And if you want to make an argument against guns that has any credence, you need to sound a little less like a lunatic. You’re talking about “stupid” people having the right to bear arms – and let’s be clear that those parents should NOT have been in the possession of firearms – which is a ridiculous thing to say and makes YOU sound like a moron. And you’re for sterilizing stupid people, too? PLEASE. I think your quest for world social media domination is doomed.

Truthful Mommy 2012/02/26 - 4:23 pm


First, I think this comment was in retort to @Stoopmama’s comment, so maybe you should have paid attention to that before deciding to personally attack me and call me a “moron”, “deluded” and a “lunatic”. I will assure you that my 147 IQ will serve as proof that I am not in fact a moron. My education and background in law will serve as further proof that I am not deluded on this issue. As for lunatic, I assume that is open for speculation and you are entitled to your opinion but I will not tolerate name calling because you are at a loss for using your big girl words. You sound like my four year old when she gets angry and throws a tantrum.
I welcome dispute to my opinions, live and let live I say but you have gone and tried to fight dirty.
And in response to your comment, yes cars are dangerous…very dangerous. Drinking and driving and texting while driving are absolutely sinful in my opinion because they are such dangerous and reckless acts. I have not texted while driving, I have never gotten drunk and driven a car, and I use my phone on speaker. And yes, stupid people leaving loaded guns lying around the house with children present are a bigger problem. Guns are made for one purpose…to hurt, mame or kill someone or something. No one buys a gun with the intent of using it as an accessory. I know several gun owners and if and when they ever shoot ( theoretically an intruder or an animal) it is with the intent to kill. It is the sole purpose of a gun, it serves no other. So perhaps, you are the one who needs to be straightened out on what guns are used for and since you want to resort to name calling, without knowing who you are actually talking to, please do not return to this site.
I appreciate your opinion but not your name calling.

hanni 2012/02/26 - 6:28 pm

You know that blocking doesn’t work with open comments, right??

Truthful Mommy 2012/02/26 - 7:01 pm

You know you are being a bully right? I’m done with this conversation. I’m sure that you have better things to do. I know I do. You are welcome to comment, just know that if you continue to be venomous I will mark your comments as spam. But if you want to comment in a non childlike, name calling way, you are welcome to comment.
BTW,I am not insecure in my intelligence, I only shared the number to assure you that I am not a moron.And if you are referring to the word Prerogative being misspelled, it is not. You have proven your own point. Thank you.

SarahB @ Not Just a Baker 2012/02/26 - 10:04 pm

Oh this hits home with me in so many ways! Just today, I had a conversation about having guns in the house with young children. We have a handgun in our house and our children are 7, 6, and 4. Our family is appalled at the idea of a gun in our home with our children.

We don’t have a gun safe but we have a special box with a combination lock. Until a few months ago the kids didn’t even know we had a gun and have had for the past 4 years.

The gun is mine. Not my husband’s but mine. I didn’t grow up around guns, I’ve never been hunting, or even in the military, however my husband was (is according to him the whole lifelong brotherhood thing) a Marine. The gun was purchased so that I could protect my family in the event of a home invasion while my husband is out of town. Thankfully, I’ve never had to use it other than at the shooting range.

A few days ago a few of my mom friends decided we’d have a night out at the range and a casing managed to get behind my safety glasses and left a nice big burn on my face. Now, I show it to my kids with the warning that even someone that knows how to use a gun can get hurt.

It infuriates me to no end that this child had access to a loaded weapon and his parents didn’t notice it. However, I know that some parents rarely check their kids’ backpacks because they don’t give a crap. Evidently these parents are very careless.

Truthful Mommy 2012/02/26 - 10:24 pm

You are a responsible gun owner and a engaged parent. You keep your gun locked up and you know how to use it. You have it for the reason that a gun is intended to be owned by private citizens…for protection. I’ve had to stay for long stints alone with my children and I know the fear that goes through your mind and the very real chance that an intruder could come in and I think most parents would shoot to kill to protect their children. I know that I would.
I am so sorry that you got burned by the casing but I find it commendable that you used the injury to relay to your children that you have a gun and it is dangerous. Bravo.
I wish that all parents who are gun owners were as responsible and as engaged parent as you are.
I 100% agree that these parents are responsible for the actions of their child.
You are awesome and I wish more parents were like you.

J 2012/02/27 - 6:24 pm

The kid had the gun because of bad parenting. He could have had numerous intentions. This is the exception, not the rule to gun ownership. For every irresponsible gun-owner, there are certainly more who exercise this CONSTITUTIONAL right to keep and bear arms. Less guns=more crime.

Truthful Mommy 2012/02/28 - 9:48 am

I think that it is a combination of bad parenting, poor choices on the part of the child and the availability of the gun and the fact that the parent’s were irresponsible gin owners. How does less guns equal more crime? I disagree.

Whitney 2012/02/27 - 8:18 pm

I just found your post through Dooce. Some of these comments make me want to throat punch some of the commenters 🙂 I think we can all agree that’s it’s tragic and move on without bullying! If we don’t agree with someone’s opinion just move along! (And I agree parents are 100% to blame and we should be making sure that gunowners are using guns properly/safely/etc., showing their kids to be safe and it needs to be made more of a priority.)

Truthful Mommy 2012/02/28 - 9:52 am

Whitney, Welcome to the TRUTH about Motherhood! Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I welcome healthy debate and realize that my opinion is not always the popular one but I will not tolerate bullying. I’m glad that you share my philosophy:) Maybe I need to hire you as my blog bodyguard, some trolls like to keep coming at me over and over again ( even when i do tell them from the get that I respectfully disagree.) I just can’t take the freaking name calling. It doesn’t foster healthy debate and clouds the topic because it becomes personal.

J 2012/02/28 - 1:47 pm

How do less guns equal more crime? Oh, gee, I don’t know. Maybe because “No Guns Allowed” signs mean jack to killers, who will always find a way to get guns. That’s why I conceal carry. As a US Marine, I decided a long time ago that I’m certainly not the one leaving in a body bag. I took an oath to protect this country and her people. I can be your best friend, but if you mean harm, I can be your worst enemy. A gun should only be used as a last resort, but it helps to have one instead of letting you, your children, or innocent by-standers get shot down, especially since parents have a responsibility to protect their children. Trying to do away with guns is like trying to do away with fire extinguishers.

Truthful Mommy 2012/02/28 - 2:02 pm

I was serious when I asked the question, I was not being facetious. Thank you for your answer. I do agree you are right, the criminals will always find a way to get weapons. I do agree that people should have the right to protect themselves. I am sure that I would want you in the vicinity if a predator were ever to try to attack but you are also trained to handle a firearm. You are also carrying a gun with the right perspective and responsibility. I don’t think that the right to bear arms should be eliminated altogether. But I certainly think that there needs to be more weapon education and more stringent regulations on who can get guns and must meet certain responsibility standards. I know it’s impossible to police every idiot in the world and what they do but now we had another kid go to school with a gun and kill people. It scares the shit out of me to send my kid to school because of this sort of stuff happening. Gun owners need to be held responsible for keeping guns in locked boxes when they have children. They need to be responsible for teaching their children proper gun handling and protocol if it is even going to be in the house. Did this kid not have the safety on? What made him think it was ok to put it in his bag in the first place? His parents are accountable for making this weapon accessible to him. The parents are idiots and liable for what this kid has done for sure.

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