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New KIA Eco-Dynamic Vehicles, Kia, Eco-Dynamic, Niro, Hybrid, #theNewKia, San Diego, Coronado

Road Trippin’ in the New KIA Eco-Dynamic Vehicles

by Deborah Cruz

Disclosure: I was invited to San Diego for a press event to experience the new KIA eco-dynamic vehicles. All opinions are my own.

Road trips and travel are things that I thrive on. The open sky, ocean, and road call to my soul. The wanderlust is strong with me. Seriously, put me on a plane, train, boat or automobile to anywhere and I’ll have a good time immersing myself in the culture and surrounding myself with the people. I look at every new destination as an opportunity for adventure and we’re teaching our daughters to embrace the journey as much as the destination.

Now that you have an understanding of my absolute adoration of travel and road trips, I’d love to share one of my most recent trips with you. A few weeks ago, KIA invited me to a ride and drive event in beautiful (heaven on earth, as I like to call it) San Diego, California.

The icing on the cake, I got to road trip and explore all over the city in my pick of the new KIA eco-dynamic vehicles. I drove the all new eco-dynamic Niro and the Optima Hybrid EX. But also available were the SOUL EV and the Optima Plug-in Hybrid.


I explored San Diego with my girls, Becky Boricua and Wendy Nielsen jamming out to Despacito on the amazing Harmon Kardon sound system (sorry about the repeat playlist Wendy. You were a good sport) and we had a blast. It was so nice to drive around knowing that the whole trip wasn’t leaving a nasty carbon footprint.


Kia, Eco-Dynamic, Niro, Hybrid, #theNewKia, San Diego, Coronado


The new line is not only eco-friendly and good for the earth (which hello, with Trump’s recent antics pulling out of the Paris Act, we definitely need to do all that we can to help take care of this planet for our children’s sake) but they are also fun to drive. I think they are the perfect marriage of beautiful, fun and budget-friendly.


Kia, Eco-Dynamic, Niro, Hybrid, #theNewKia, San Diego, Coronado


A few fun facts about KIA’s new eco-dynamic line that maybe you didn’t know. Firstly, did you know that KIA is the only car company on the planet to earn the environmental validation award? I am all for helping the environment. I have a crunchy streak in me a mile wide but there’s a lot I didn’t know about eco- friendly vehicles and I don’t think I’m the only one.


Kia, Eco-Dynamic, Optima, Hybrid, #theNewKia, San Diego, Coronado


The Optima Hybrid that I drove was completely redesigned for the 2017 model and gets 39 miles per gallon (MPG) city and 46 MPG highway. Since it’s a hybrid, you have the best of both worlds; eco-friendly but still get that torque for a little extra kick. Don’t think an eco-dynamic vehicle can be badass? You would be wrong. You should hear the 630-watt Harmon-Kardon sound system in the new Kia line. The Optima plug-in hybrid can drive from San Francisco to San Diego without stopping, on one battery charge. What? That’s pretty amazing, right? Now, if only I could get m bladder to go as long as that battery.


Kia, Eco-Dynamic, Optima, Hybrid, #theNewKia, San Diego, Coronado


If you are looking for something a little bigger, the Niro gets the best mileage around at 76.6. mpg. It is a hybrid with some kick. Want to be an eco-warrior? This is the vehicle for you.

Still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why you should choose the new KIA eco-dynamic vehicles for your next road trip:

1. They are good for the environment (duh).
2. They will save you money.
3. They are loads of fun to drive (I know from experience.)
4. The government supports eco-friendly vehicles and there are perks like preferred parking up close for plug-ins and HOV lane access.
5. Never worry about running out of gas and being late again because you forgot to fill up the tank the night before. Simply plug it in at night and go on your way in the morning.

In case you are worried that you are going to run out of juice on the road, don’t be. The battery can charge while you drive. Worried what effect plugging in and charging up with have on your electric bill? Don’t be. The cost is 12 to 15 cents a kilowatt so for the Optima, that averages out to be about $1.50 a day to recharge. You can even contact your local electric company and, in some cases, get lower charging rates in the evening! Who knew it was so easy to be kind to the planet? What are you waiting for?

If you have any other questions about KIA’s new eco-dynamic line, please feel free to leave them in the comments and I will try my best to get you the answers. Also, the news just came out that after ranking highest in 2016, the new KIA keeps the top spot for 2017 and has more segment award winners than any other brand!

What is your favorite new KIA eco-dynamic vehicle?

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Jeanette 2017/06/27 - 9:49 am

This is definitely something that would interest me. I have a hybrid now and I could use a second car in something like this would be perfect because it’s to say this a lot of money because there’s no worry of gas.

Deborah Cruz 2017/06/27 - 9:59 am

I was fascinated by how long the charges run and if you get a hybrid, you still get that get up and go torque like you do with a traditional vehicle. Plus, honestly, who doesn’t want to do their part to make the planet a better place for our children and grandchildren? You should definitely check the line out. I was surprised at how affordable they are!

robin rue 2017/06/27 - 11:37 am

That sounds like a really sweet ride. I have heard great things about Kias, so I am not surprised at how much you liked this.

Sarah Bailey 2017/06/27 - 12:05 pm

Oh my goodness that car is a beauty! I am so tempted to get a new car, it is just the expense that puts me off, but my car doesn’t even have air con which I so need in summer.

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Franc Ramon 2017/06/27 - 1:06 pm

It’s really impressive how this car be efficient when it comes to gasoline. It also looks so stylish and spacious, which makes it a perfect family car.

Kimberly 2017/06/27 - 3:00 pm

We are in need NEED of a new car. Mine is leaking oil all over my driveway and now my muffler is going. We aren’t sure what kind of vehicle we are going to go with just yet but we have to look soon. We have heard so many good things about KIA. I am really loving this shade of red on the Niro and the fact that it’s eco-dynamic. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ll have to look at this further at our local dealer in Canada!

Kim 2017/06/27 - 5:49 pm

Kia has come a long way from when it first started producing cars. They have quite a few nice looking cars on the market right now.

Pam 2017/06/27 - 8:53 pm

I have a Kia Optima and I love it. My daughter had a Kia Soul for a while too and it was a great car for her.

Marysa 2017/06/27 - 10:34 pm

These sound like great vehicles, plus they look nice. One of our cars is getting old and it would be nice to consider some of these as a replacement.

Maurene Cab 2017/06/28 - 12:25 am

This looks like a great vehicle! I know Kia has a lot of great designs. I’d love to have this as my new car.

Anosa 2017/06/28 - 7:07 am

You had me at good sound system and good for the environment. No one wants to be adding to the carbon footprint.

TIm B 2017/06/28 - 7:57 am

I saw these cars at the Detroit Auto Show. I was impressed on the manufacturer’s emphasis on eco-friendly technology.

Betty Boiron 2017/06/28 - 9:14 am

Seems like you had a blast doing the “work” required to write this post 😉 I would love to try the new Kias as well!

Eileen | yesmissy.com 2017/06/28 - 9:34 am

Those Kias look great! Summer is a great time for road trips.

Neha Saini 2017/06/28 - 10:18 am

We have just brought Kia sportage. It’s beautiful to drive, especially on country roads. Safety features and Auto wipers, lights etc make trekking around so easy. For a medium size SUV it’s awesome.f

Dogvills 2017/06/28 - 7:09 pm

It would be so nice to own a hybrid vehicle. I don’t own one yet, but I am really considering getting one when the time and resources are right. I love the KIA’s fuel efficiency. That is one of the things I look at before deciding to buy a new car.

Maureen 2017/06/28 - 9:58 pm

This looks the perfect family car! Owning a hybrid car that is environmentally friendly is awesome too and I wish we have more cars like this here.

shannon 2017/06/28 - 11:06 pm

I had been in the market for a new car for months. I wanted something eco friendly. Ah man I wish I had read this a couple weeks ago!!I I already got a car but in general Hyundais are great cars IMO.

valmg @ Mom Knows It All 2017/06/28 - 11:13 pm

I didn’t know KIA was the only car company on the planet to earn the environmental validation award, that’s quite impressive. I haven’t seen any of this year’s models myself and am especially curious about the Niro.

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