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Momojis, emojis, Luvs, parenting, parenting in the 21st century, diapers

Momojis and the Secret Lives of Parents

by Deborah Cruz

Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMe Media and Luvs but all opinions about Momojis are 100% mine.

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words and, as parents, we know that we never have enough free time on our hands and little ears hear everything we say, especially those things that we don’t want them to hear and repeat.

Sometimes, as a mom, you need to vent to your partner or a friend about the craziness that is motherhood but words are not an option. A diaper blowout (code brown as we affectionately refer to it in our home) or a toddler’s public meltdown (as we’ve referred to in a Seinfeldian way, “these pretzels are making me thirsty.” Translation: These babies are making me crazy) are not exactly things you want to say out loud in public. There has to be a way to maintain a smidgen of dignity in parenthood, right?

Enter Momojis, emojis just for Parents.

Momojis, emojis, Luvs, parenting, parenting in the 21st century, diapers

Luckily, when it comes to parenting, LUVS gets it. They’ve created the first ever custom emoji keyboard created specifically for moms and dads, the Luvs Momoji Keyboard. Inspired by experienced parents and their affinity for emoji use, Momojis give parents more ways to easily express all the emotions that come with real-life parenting with no danger of little ears overhearing. It’s like parental shorthand for the parent on the go.

We parents keep our mobile devices within arm’s reach and text with people more than we actually talk to them. Who has time to talk when you’re raising toddlers? I never knew that was even an option. But my iPhone has practically become an appendage over the years. I use it to Google symptoms, call the pediatrician, play music to entertain the kids in random dance parties and find recipes to smuggle broccoli disguised as brownies into my girls’ lunch boxes so texting emojis is just easier.

Sometimes the tales of parenthood are so outlandish, it leaves the person on the other end thinking maybe you’ve been hitting the mommy juice a little early in the day but, truly, parenthood is the stuff urban legends are made up of. I mean if you would have told me 15 years ago one day I’d be texting the Big Guy to tell him our 18-month-old made an entire box of feminine hygiene products disappear into thin air or that my 3-year-old almost drove me insane by asking me the same question over and over for 3 hours straight after keeping me up the entire night before, I wouldn’t have believed it either.

Momojis, emojis, Luvs, parenting, parenting in the 21st century, diapers

The Luvs Momoji Keyboard app is also the first to offer access to the latest in emoji technology – the Promoji – which helps busy moms hunt for diaper deals on the go. Hey, who can’t use a deal on diapers?

I learned the hard way that Luvs nighttime were the only diapers we could use on our girls at bedtime that kept them dry. With new larger stretch tabs for easy fastening, and the same ultra-leakage protection and money-back guarantee, Luvs with NightLock™ provides the high-quality features babies and parents need for less cost then the premium brands.

Through the first-ever use of Promojis (promotional emojis), busy moms will be able to hunt for diaper deals and coupons from Luvs on the go. Promojis are the latest in emoji technology and allow users to quickly and easily find great deals and promotions. Luvs is the first brand to share coupons, deals and special offers with consumers in a whole new way.

For more information and to download the Luvs Momoji Keyboard, please visit the app store. For more information on Luvs Diapers, visit www.luvsdiapers.com or the brand’s social media channels on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/luvsdiapers),

Twitter (https://www.twitter. com/luvs) and

YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/luvsdiapers).

In celebration of Luvs new Momojis, I will be giving away Luvs diapers and $100 Amex Gift Card to one lucky reader.

The giveaway is open to readers over the age of 18 that live in the contiguous U.S. No Puerto Rico. The giveaway will end December 24, 2015 t 11:59 p.m. EST.

Mandatory entry into the giveaway:

Leave a comment on this post telling me the craziest thing you’ve ever had to text your partner about your child and wished you’d had momojis.

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Lisa Brown 2015/12/11 - 4:39 pm

Never texted, but had stories for my husband, when he came home from work, on occasion, about our son’s behavior at the park or playground, that were quite funny.

Deborah Cruz 2015/12/11 - 5:23 pm

If you’re not texting them, make sure you are writing them down somewhere because they will be hilarious to you in a few more years:)

Mami2jcn 2015/12/11 - 4:51 pm

I had to text my husband just today to tell him that our daughter was running in the house and unfortunately ran into the door and hurt her lip.

Deborah Cruz 2015/12/11 - 5:22 pm

I can do you one better, I had to call my husband to tell him 1) the baby rolled off the changing table 2) the toddler touched the glass on the gas fireplace and burned her hand. The moral of the story is that you never take your eyes off the newborn ( they roll quick) and you tether the toddler when you change the newborn so she doesn’t get into mischief:) Both are fine but I had a serious meltdown:( Motherhood is hard!

Jessica To 2015/12/11 - 5:12 pm

I haven’t texted, but I’ve had to email my boss that my son’s bus ran off the road and got stuck in the wet grass and was blocking the lanes of traffic. I took a picture and sent it to her!

Deborah Cruz 2015/12/11 - 5:24 pm

Hey, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Hope everyone was okay!

Kelly D 2015/12/11 - 5:14 pm

I don’t text, but if I did I think I would have texted my husband when my daughter put a magnet in her ear.

Deborah Cruz 2015/12/11 - 5:18 pm

You think that’s bad? I had a toddler stick a pearl up her nose:)

Julie Wood 2015/12/11 - 5:47 pm

I wish I had a emojis when my son would not take a nap at 5 months and he never did again. And he was fussy until his Dad came home!

Elena 2015/12/11 - 5:49 pm

I texted my husband when our son tried to put a dirty diaper on his head

Janet W. 2015/12/11 - 6:35 pm

When my daughters were younger, we didn’t even have cell phones/texting! But if we did, I would have texted my husband when my oldest daughter decided to cut my younger daughter’s hair. I thought they were playing nicely in the other room (for the three minutes I left the room to do something else!), with my younger one watching my older one do an art project. Little did I know!

Julie Wood 2015/12/11 - 6:44 pm

I am sorry-I told my friends about your Facebook page and put the wrong link in the form. Here it is

Natalie 2015/12/11 - 7:06 pm

I texted my brother that his daughter was not wearing underwear when I picked her up from daycare.

Lauren 2015/12/11 - 8:34 pm

I would have liked momojis to describe my son drawing all over his face with marker.

Sarah Hayes 2015/12/11 - 9:14 pm

Ive texted my sister a few things about poop and needed these

HS 2015/12/11 - 10:44 pm

The craziest thing I’ve ever had to text my husband about my kid is the diaper emergency.

Karla R. 2015/12/11 - 11:14 pm

I text my husband after my daughter had pooped in the baby bath. I wasn’t sure how to clean it up but after it was all done I text my husband how “fun” it was to clean it up! The poop momoji would of came in handy!

linda 2015/12/12 - 12:35 am

No texts/cell phones back then but if there were, I would have liked emojis to describe when my daughter, after eating a popsicle outside was digging in the dirt with a stick..stopped to do something else, forgot she finished the pop and put the stick back in her mouth! It was a scene.

Laura J 2015/12/12 - 11:11 am

Oh for me…was not funny at the time….but can laugh now! I would have loved the jar of peas…..when he got a pea stuck up in his nose! We finally did get it out…but was just about to get a doctor appointment!

Amy Orvin 2015/12/12 - 1:15 pm

I needed these when I was describing to my brother how disgusting the poop was.

Amy Orvin 2015/12/12 - 1:24 pm

Or I meant describing to my husband…

Mesha 2015/12/12 - 3:40 pm

My son is only 3 months so I don’t have any crazy stories yet. But a “this kid does’t want to nap momoji would come in handy

D Schmidt 2015/12/12 - 4:26 pm

The craziest was when my son covered himself in glitter and said he was a tree ornament.

Rochel S 2015/12/13 - 1:57 am

When my baby had an explosive diaper and i didnt have my diaper bag with me. Not fun.

Lacey 2015/12/13 - 6:56 pm

The craziest thing I text was when my kid got into the flour!

Elle 2015/12/14 - 4:43 pm

When my son took markers and colored his hair all different colors! I could use these.

Melissa C 2015/12/14 - 8:37 pm

I wish I had the momoji when my colicky baby seemed to be possessed by the devil lol

denise 2015/12/16 - 10:53 am

The poo-namis. Where the poop just over powers everything in its path!

Kaitlin 2015/12/19 - 12:28 pm

I would have to send the explosion poop emoji because my son has at least 1 every couple of days.

Jennifer Marie 2015/12/19 - 12:56 pm

I had to text about my son being covered in dirt.

Tabathia B 2015/12/19 - 10:40 pm

Probably when she pulled the table cloth off the table

Elisabeth 2015/12/19 - 11:42 pm

Our first child isn’t due for another week or two, so no weird texts… yet! 😉

Erika W. 2015/12/20 - 11:27 am

The craziest was when my then two year old locked me out of the house, moved a chair over to the counter, found something sharp and then got down and gauged holes all in the wall. Or maybe the time he flooded the downstairs bathroom… haha

Tara 2015/12/20 - 7:24 pm

I just flung poop on the ceiling.

Will G 2015/12/20 - 9:33 pm

That our daughter pooped on the floor.

Kristen Varner 2015/12/21 - 9:17 pm

Something about the children and diapering.

Krista M 2015/12/22 - 7:48 pm

Potty accident under the christmas tree!

Sonya Morris 2015/12/22 - 11:21 pm

Blowouts that required a bath after!

ellen beck 2015/12/23 - 4:40 am

Projectile pooping during a diaper change. It was not a pretty thing at all.

Lily Kwan 2015/12/24 - 11:38 am

I don’t use text messages but if I did it would be about not having food.


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