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Interruption of regularly scheduled programming; Call to action for all of my fellow blogging divas

by Deborah Cruz

Dear Bloggy friends,
I need your help! I have issued this 1000 follower goal for myself  by my birthday..yep, this Saturday!! What was I thinking? I don’t know. Obviously, my eyes were bigger than my stomach or something of the sort. I am currently 299 followers short. I need ideas. I need a little help from my fellow bloggy divas. You ladies are amazing and I know if anyone can help me rally 299 more followers in 3 days..its you group of ladies. You ladies know how to get a word out; Facebook, twitter,whatever. Y’all are social networking geniuses and I need your assistance in a big way. Don’t let me be a failure..on my birthday, no less. If you have any ideas of what else I can do on my end, please let me know.Thanks ladies!
Truthful Mommy

Now on to our, Be A Better Me (You) Challenge -Day 22~ Be the You that you want your kids to remember. It’s fairly simple, we all want to be shining examples of great humans for our children. Why not use that to be the best us we can be for us.When I think of how I want my children to remember me, I obviously want them to remember that I was a great Mommy but more importantly I want them to think I am an amazing woman. How awesome if our children look back on memories of us and think , ” I want to be just like my Mom was. She was beautiful, passionate, successful, happy, she lived life to the fullest and she was who she wanted to be. She had no fear and no regrets” That’s how I want to be remembered. I don’t want to be remembered fondly as a door mat who was left lonely, clingy, and unfulfilled once my children grew up…but a great Mommy none the less. How do you want to be remembered? The nice lady, always wearing the yoga clothes and pony tail, but nice enough. Do you want to go through life with a thump or a bang? I want to be a loud thunderous bang.I want to leave an impression on the world. I want my children to look back on their mother and say, “My Mom was not perfect but she was effing awesome because she never gave up!”

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Busy Working Mama 2010/09/22 - 10:13 am

Hmm…sounds like you need to do some MAJOR blog hopping 🙂

Teresa 2010/09/22 - 10:38 am

I've been reading on Google Reader and hadn't actually signed up to follow. Consider me one more!

Sam 2010/09/22 - 4:55 pm

I'll do my best to send my "peeps" your way! 🙂

Brett 2010/09/29 - 12:06 pm

i’m following back from MFM!!

i’d be doing blog hopslike mad this week- goodluck!!


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