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father's day

Happy Father’s Day

by Deborah Cruz

father's dayToday is Fathers Day and that means two very special reasons to celebrate; my father and my husband,the father of my precious girls. First, I celebrate my father, without whom, I would not be here. He not only brought me into the world, he taught me that everything in this world worth having is worth working hard and fighting for and that I should never give up no matter how many times I get knocked down. He taught me that dreams are not only possible they are mandatory in order for life to have meaning. My father taught me how to forgive, how to let go and move on. He taught me that love is what we see and what we never will. My daddy taught me that long walks and honest talks can change your world. He taught me to admit my mistakes, to be honest, to love fiercely and live passionately. He taught me that quiet reflection can change you. He showed me that with age, we can all get better. He taught me to speak up and sing out. My father taught me that no sacrifice is too big for a smile on a child’s face and a kind word can change a life. My dad taught me that respect, love and family are the most important things in this world. My father taught me to have faith in God and in myself.

father's day

My husband, made me who I am today, a mother. He taught me that love is everlasting, unwavering and ever growing. My husband is the kind of man who should have had 10 children because he is such an amazing human being, there should be more people in the world like him. The first time I saw my husband look into the eyes of our daughter, I knew he loved her more than everything else in the world, including himself. He comes home from work exhausted and still finds a smile for his girls. He kisses booboos, rubs aching legs, cheers from the stands and quietly gives our girls the strength to know that they can do anything in this world they want to do. Seeing his love for them over the years has made me fall deeper and deeper in love with this man. He is the type of father who shows our daughters through his every word and action that they are the most important people in his world, that they are worthy of all that the world has to offer. My husband has taught our girls to be strong, independent and to go for their dreams; he is ever encouraging and ever supportive. If ever they fall, they know that their daddy will be there to pick them up.

father's day


In the little things and the big things, our fathers are the first most important men in our lives. He is the man who will set the bar for all men after him. Thank you honey for setting the bar so high for our little girls. Thank you papi for teaching me what’s important in life. I am so thankful to have two wonderful men in my life to celebrate on Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there who give unconditional love, quality time, love and patience to their children. You deserve to be celebrated.

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Kristen Daukas 2013/06/17 - 9:15 pm

I love this post but I THRU THE ROOF love that picture of your dad!! He was wicked awesome!! And you in those glasses? You were fierce from the get go!

Karen Alexander 2013/06/26 - 1:50 am

Happy Father’s Day (month) to all the Fathers in the world and to those who act as the man in the family whether you’re a real man or not. It’s always great to show appreciation to our first heroes and superman, such an adorable post to show your love for the men in of life. Pretty amazing!


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