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Father's Day, Gift Guide

Can you believe Father’s Day is just around the corner? It kind of snuck up on us, to be honest.  What with the coronavirus pandemic, not knowing what day, week or month it is and being fully emerged in the fight for equality, things have been upended here and the new normal is absolutely not normal but the Big Guy really is one hell of a dad and husband so I really wanted to make Father’s Day special for him.

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But what do you get the man who has everything? It’s not like when the girls were little, no one is having to wait months on end to try to piece together a free night out or save up for a new video game. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been quarantined for the last 4 months so we’ve pretty much been doing as we pleased…well, within the confines of our house because who’s going out? Maybe a cool new mask that’s better suited for the summer months, just to say we care. You’re not alone in this quandary.

Father’s Day Gifts that every dad will love

1. Well, he’s the dad of a couple of teenage girls so first on the list is no bickering. Like seriously, we love these girls more than life itself but when they start bickering with one another, it pretty much sounds like cats screeching their nails down a chalkboard. So silence could definitely be a gift.

2. But that’s probably not going to happen because they are my children and we’re talkers what can I say. So maybe we use the words for good instead of evil and tell the man how much he means to us. The girls can make cards and tell the man how great he is. Me, I’ve got this here blog that I’ve been cultivating for 11 years so here goes (I’m using my words)

Babe, you are the wind beneath my wings. Honestly, as cheesy as it sounds, you elevate me and me and give my soul, my heart and my mind the freedom and support to fly. You are the best husband and father anyone could have ever asked for and probably better than I deserve on most days.  I know it’s hard being the only man in a house full of women but you are the best girl dad I’ve ever seen and our girls are blessed to have you, as am I. Thank you for all that you do for all of us. Thank you for your unconditional love and support. We love you to the moon and back and infinity and beyond.


  1. Bake Me a Wish

The Big Guy has a serious sweet tooth sometimes and what’s more delicious than gourmet bakery gifts? BakeMeAWish.com, is a leading national online gifting company.  5% of all purchases will be donated to the Meals on Wheels COVID-19 Response Fund. Bake Me A Wish! guarantees overnight delivery for those last-minute gifts! Let me tell you, I sampled the tiramisu cake and one of their gorgeous gift baskets and it was a winner in our house.

Even though we may not be able to celebrate alongside dad this year, receiving a bakery gift is a special way to let dad know how much he’s appreciated this Father’s Day. Bake Me a Wish! offers guaranteed next day delivery, for all the last-minute gift-givers.

To order a gourmet bakery gift for dad and support the Meals on Wheels COVID-19 Response Fund, please visit www.bakemeawish.com.

   4. Society Socks

Society Socks are cool socks with super cute designs that any dad would be proud to wear to the office. They offer products with a social cause that are the perfect gift for the stylish dad who has everything. Society Socks are whimsical, comfortable and best of all with every subscription box, you receive 2 pairs of socks and Society socks donate 2 pairs of fun and funky socks to the homeless shelter.

Bonus: They make cool socks for mom too!

   5. Lodge Cast iron for the Outdoorsman

If the dad in your life is a chef or an outdoor chef, Lodge Cast Iron is an unconventional yet perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day. Lodge cast iron is great as versatile indoor grilling cookware but also absolutely perfect for camping trips.

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As you may be familiar, Lodge Cast Iron has been making heirloom-quality cookware and accessories for over 120 years at its headquarters in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. I’m not normally one for getting appliances or any kind of gift that can be construed as a “chore” but cast iron on a family camping trip is definitely a gift; pancakes on griddles, chili in dutch ovens and pizookies in cast iron skillets. They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

   6. Sugarfina for the sweetest dads

Finding the perfect gift for Dad might be a bit more challenging this year, but who says it’s impossible? We’ve put together the SWEETEST suggestions for Dad, Pops, Daddy, Grandpa, Uncle .. Whoever you’re celebrating, Sugarfina has the sweet treats to make this Father’s Day one he’ll never forget!

  • Choco-holic Dad– give him treats as sweet as he is, Coconut Toffee Macadamias
  • Do-It-All Dad– caffeinated sweets will keep his motor running, NEW Cold Brew Cordials
  • Top-Shelf Dad– keep it classy for the dad who’s casually cool

They have gifts for all price ranges; under $35, gifts under $50 and $75? No problem. Sugarfina has you covered.

   7. Give dad the gift of smart surround sound

Apple Homepod speakers for the tech-savvy dad. HomePod is a breakthrough speaker that adapts to its location and delivers high-fidelity audio wherever it’s playing. Together with Apple Music and Siri, it creates an entirely new way for you to discover and interact with music at home. And it can help you and your whole family with everyday tasks — and control your smart home — all with just your voice. There is almost nothing the Big Guy likes better than a smart home.

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HomePod combines custom Apple-engineered audio technology and advanced software to deliver precision sound that fills the room. And at just under seven inches tall, HomePod fits anywhere in your home so no cutting into your walls to install speakers. They are sleek and you almost don’t notice them so they will blend right into your home décor.

   8. Father’s Day Spa treatment

I like getting people gifts that they wouldn’t normally buy themselves. The same way that I’m remiss to buy myself anything luxurious unless it’s on a deep discount, the Big Guy doesn’t spend money on taking care of himself. It seems like he only feels comfortable buying what he needs so a luxury like a skincare system is nothing he’d ever stop to get himself. The Thermaderm Father’s Day set is easy-to-use, effective skincare basics, that will have dad looking polished and ready for anything.

The Theraderm Father’s Day Set comes in a smart black travel bag, great for guys on the go, and keeps it simple with three effective products that will keep skin clean and youthful.

 Kick-off every day with the Theraderm Cleansing Wash to get rid of all unwanted oil and dirt without drying out the skin. Suitable for face, body, and even hair, this non-irritating cleanser is perfect for dads with busy schedules. The Cleansing Wash is gentle, yet thoroughly penetrates all the way to the center of the hard keratin in hair and can get unruly manes and even beards clean before a shave.

 The Fruit Acid Exfoliant makes exfoliating quick and ultra-easy. Alpha hydroxy acid works to minimize pores and slough off dead skin cells while evening out skin tone. Packed of lactic acid toner, this product with get dull skin looking dapper after one use.

 Top off this quick routine with the Platinum Protection Facial Sunscreen 43, the magic number for broad-spectrum UV protection because it has the exact amount of active ingredient needed to trap harmful UVA/UVB rays. This oil-free SPF absorbs into the skin quickly and goes on undetected without pilling or stinging the eyes.

Every dad is different and special like giant dad body shaped snowflakes. In the end, all most dads want is a day to feel appreciated and maybe sneak in a much deserved and long-overdue nap. Just gift from the heart something that will be meaningful to your dad or husband and it’s sure to be a hit.


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father's day, what makes a father, how to be a good dad

Today is Father’s Day. When you think of the word father, you think of the man who gave you life. But really, a father is something much more than that, if you’re lucky. What makes a father? More importantly, how do you know how to be a good dad? A father is someone who loves you at your worst, someone who shows up every single day, even when it’s harder than anyone could have ever anticipated.

I think in a lot of ways; men are given hall passes on their responsibility as a parent. It’s like we’ve lowered the bar so far we don’t even know what makes a father anymore and no one is teaching men how to be a good dad. I’m not even blaming the men. I’m blaming society as a whole. Somewhere along the way, it became acceptable to do the bare minimum and still hold the title of father. A lot of dads just accepted the status quo. Maybe they didn’t know any better or maybe it was all of those pats on the back for taking care of their own children.

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What is a father? A father is defined as a male parent but to be a good dad includes behaving paternally. Instinctually putting your child before yourself. Prioritizing their happiness and well-being above your own sometimes. We should celebrate these dads every day of the year, not just on Father’s Day. It’s about more than gifts, it’s about appreciating all that they do.

Today, I wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the involved fathers.

There are a lot of great dads out there. Men who constantly show up and are there for their children and partners all the time. Men who embrace the title and feel privileged to be a part of their children’s lives. Men who do everything possible to create a better world for their children. I hope there are more of those dads than there are men who contribute to the genetic makeup of their children and think that’s where fatherhood ends.

father's day, what makes a father, how to be a good dad

I’d like to say a special Happy Father’s Day to my husband, the Big Guy, for being the best father and husband anyone could ever want. He is 100% my partner in parenting. There is nothing I can do that he can’t do for our girls, well, with the exception of gestating them but then again, he is the husband who had sympathetic symptoms and weight gain so he tried. All kidding aside, I know that we are lucky because he is a kind and good man at his core.

He shows up when he’s exhausted and weary. Woke up many a night with our newborns, paced the floor with a colicky baby and held toddlers with nightmares of chickens and lemurs. The Big Guy does what needs to be done even when he doesn’t want to. He’s selfless and caring. His family always comes first and even though he and I had different upbringings and came from different cultures, he saw how important family was to me and he embraced it all.

father's day, what makes a father, how to be a good dad

This is what makes a father.

He drives on long road trips so that he can show his girls the world. He treats them (and me) we unconditional love and respect so that they can see what a relationship is supposed to look/feel like. He holds them when they’re sad, listens when the world is hard and confusing, hears the things that go unsaid and makes them smile when they are sad. The Big Guy tries new things and goes out of his comfort zone so that our girls won’t be afraid to spread their wings and fly someday. His love knows no bounds.

father's day, what makes a father, how to be a good dad

He’s driven to and attended countless ballet classes, recitals and performances. The Big Guy has worked backstage and volunteered to do things most dads would emphatically refuse. He’s been there for Robotics, soccer, gymnastics, violin and cheerleading. Helps with homework and hugs them when they’ve had a hard day. Listens to them gossip about school and talk about boys. Holds their hair when they’re sick, keeps them calm when they need shots and laughs the loudest when they are funny (even when it’s not funny). He builds them up so no one else can knock them down.

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The Big Guy spoils them and makes them feel special because they are his girls. He encourages them and supports them in all that they’ve ever wanted to try or shown interest in. He is a cheerleader and a coach. He’s a soft place to land when the world knocks them down. He is so much more than words can say. They call him daddy, Papi and papa and he is all of that and more.

father's day, what makes a father, how to be a good dad

Wondering how to be a good dad?

I am so happy that my daughters have such an amazing man as their father; a man who comes home from a long day at work and still musters the energy to play for hours with the girls. A man who listens quietly as they recount the most inane teenage drama there ever way. A father who doesn’t try to fix everything and knows when to just hear you. He makes 3 am runs for Tylenol and 6 am runs for cupcakes for school, rides your favorite roller coaster with you 15 times in a row and watches your favorite cartoon until you tire of it. He does all of this and never complains. This is love. This is what I wish for every child.

father's day, what makes a father, how to be a good dad

Happy Father’s Day to our Big Guy. We love you so much and we see you. We see all that you do for your family. We see the sacrifices that you make and we feel the love you give every single day. You are the best man we could have ever hoped to share our lives with.

Love you to the moon and back and to infinity and beyond!
XOXO Your Girls

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Father's Day, tech, gifts, best gifts, dad, optishot, Cambridge, speakers, Zepp

Can you believe that Father’s Day is in 4 days? Me, neither. The Big Guy is hard to buy for. He’s easy in the way that he is a complete tech nerd and loves all things gadget and tech related, especially if he doesn’t need it and especially if it’s out of the ordinary, extremely small or completely unnecessary. Don’t ask me why, he just likes things that are definitely out of the box. I’m pretty sure if he could pick any time period to live in, it would be the time of the Jetsons.

I made a list of all of the really cool tech that dad might like this Father’s Day.

From the obvious to the obscure, if you have a hard to buy for dad in your life who just loves to always have the latest and greatest tech gadgets, boy have I got a list for you for this Father’s Day.

For the Golfer Dad:

Father's Day, gifts, tech, best father's day tech, x project, mini projector,Grace audio, bookshelf speakers, soul electronics, run free pro, Cambridge, OptiSHot2, golf simulator

OptiShot2 Golf Simulator

OptiShot® Golf allows golfers from around the world to compete against each other on any of the 43 To-the-Tee™ exclusive and private championship course replicas in the OptiShot Golf Course library. Each course provides a realistic and fully immersive 3D environment for play or practice. With OptiShot2, users have the ability to play the same championship holes the top PGA pros are playing on TV, as well as compete in a tournament of their own with OptiShot Live.

With the new OptiShot Live feature, users can play 18 holes on the world’s most famous courses with friends, family and competitors all over the world without ever leaving the comfort of their home or office. This award-winning golf simulator uses the latest in analytic and shot tracer technology with an easy to use interface to create the ultimate real-world golf experience. Compact in size and cost, the OptiShot2 requires no elaborate setup, works with every club in your bag and is compatible with Mac and Windows. With the goal of providing the best real golf experience, OptiShot2 provides technology consistent with professional simulators in a package designed for consumers.

Optishot has launched the OptiShot Tour featuring weekly events and on-going competitions all played on To-the-Tee™ replicas of PGA Tour courses.  The PLAYERS Championship course is this week’s tour stop. Just login in to your OptiShot and play the corresponding course anytime from Thursday 12:00am EST – Monday 3:00am EST to be automatically entered for a chance to win free OptiShot Courses for life!

OptiShot Golf Simulator is available at premium golf retailers and online at store.optishotgolf.com.

Father's Day, gifts, tech, best father's day tech, x project, mini projector,Grace audio, bookshelf speakers, soul electronics, run free pro, Cambridge

Zepp 3D Multi-Sport Motion Sensor and Platform

The Zepp 3D Multi-Sport Motion Sensor is wearable sensor that allows dad to review and replay his swing in 360º and HD video, while providing detailed analysis and trend reports sent straight to any iOS® or Android device so he can improve.

Users can review and replay their swing in 360 degrees and see their swing in HD Video.

Then they can compare their swings to pro athletes. The 3D motion sensor easily attaches to any bat, club, or racket using innovative sport-specific mounts. Sensor wirelessly transmits data to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth after every swing.

Your guys not into golf? No problem. The Zepp 3-D Multi-Sport motion sensor is for everyone.

Baseball: track bat speed, path, timing, angles at impact, trends and more

  • Golf:track speed, tempo, club plane, hand path, backswing position, hip rotation and more
  • Tennis:track shot type mix (serve, forehand, backhand, smash), power and spin (topspin, slice, flat) and more
  • Able to compare swings to pros and friends and share your swing data with others
  • Zeppapplication records critical data and provides analysis, personalized tips, drills and coaching

For the Audiophile Dad:

Father's Day, gifts, tech, best father's day tech, x project, mini projector,Grace audio, bookshelf speakers, soul electronics, run free pro, Cambridge
Cambridge Audio: TV5 – TV Speaker Base

We bought an awesome 55-inch television last Christmas to hang above our mantle, the only thing is the sound quality is awful. The picture is amazing but the sound is like it’s coming through a tunnel. If you have this situation going on why not have the best of both worlds?

Get room-filling home theater sound all from one cabinet and Bluetooth streaming speaker, the Cambridge Audio TV5 speaker base? It’s suitable for use with most flat-panel TVs up to 55 – 60”

It has 100 watt Class D digital amplifier with less than 0.5 watt standby power consumption.

The TV5 also features multiple audio modes for ultra-clear voice reproduction with movies and music and two 2.25” Balanced Mode Radiators (BMR) provide clear sound plus dual 6.5″ powered subwoofers are built-in for deep bass.

Torque Audio’s t103z Headphones

For the music lover looking for something new check out the t103z from Torque Audio. These fully customizable ear buds feature Passive Acoustic Valve Technology so you can swap out TorqueValves™ for a totally individualized listening experience. Use the deep valve for thumping lows, clear valve for crisp highs or the reference valve for a balanced sound. If he likes playing videogames, you can give him the best under $100 gaming headset.

Father's Day, gifts, tech, best father's day tech, x project, mini projector,Grace audio, bookshelf speakers, soul electronics, run free pro

SOUL Electronics: Run Free Pro

Bluetooth headphones appeal to fitness-enthusiasts with comfort and wireless fit. My husband is not a runner but he does walk and move around his office quite frequently and with these he canmove around without worrying about getting hung up or knocking stuff over with the cord.

The Run Free Pro headphones are guaranteed to stay on when active with the first interchangeable ear lock system for custom size and fit, so no more inconvenience of headphones popping out on the run. Wind noise reduction technology allows listeners to listen to music without wind interference while on the go. It also features a sporty and fashionable waterproof design with up to 8 hours of battery life.

The ergonomic remote control with integrated mic for music control and hands free taking make life super easy for dads on the go.

Father's Day, gifts, tech, best father's day tech, x project, mini projector,Grace audio, bookshelf speakers

Grace Digital: aptX™ Bluetooth 4.0 Bookshelf Speakers
The aptX Bluetooth 4.0 Bookshelf Speakers are perfect for the dad who just wants to rock out in his office while he “gets some work done.” Sure there may be some air guitar happening but these speakers are crafted with a sleek leatherette casing, modern, compact and lightweight Bluetooth bookshelf speakers that seamlessly stream room filling sound from any Bluetooth compatible device. Simply put, they are awesome.

Engineered for in-home use with full range, CD quality audio, providing a high-quality indoor music experience where portable/outdoor speakers typically fall short. You can pair up to 8 devices via Bluetooth 4.0, with a range of 30 ft

Bonus, while dad’s rocking out he can conveniently use the USB jack on the speakers to charge his mobile device, while still rocking out. It’s the perfect gift for the dad who loves music.

For the Photographer Dad:

Father's Day, gifts, tech, best father's day tech, x project, mini projector, power capsule

Large Power CapXule by Xsories

Summer is the perfect time for the photo-centric dad to get out and start shooting again. But who wants to have to cut their day short because of lost power? Not only will the Large Power CapXule from XSORIES comfortably hold and organize all your gear, the clever case comes with an on-board 2800mAh power bank to get your camera or phone charged in a pinch.


The New Dad:

Father's Day, gifts, tech, best father's day tech, x project, mini projector, Izon

Izon View Cam

Do you know a new papa who can’t stand being away from the little one while he is at work all day? Keep Dad connected to what matters most with the Izon View an app controlled home video monitor that enables dad to check in on the little ones from anywhere in the world. The Izon View is a great gift for fur parents too!

For the Dad who Loves the Newest and Coolest Tech Toys:

Father's Day, gifts, tech, best father's day tech, x project, mini projector

XSORIES: X-Project Wi-Fi

The X-Project WiFi Projector is a Wi-Fi enabled Pocket Projector that shares and displays HD Video from anywhere. It is a portable projector that’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It’s perfect for summer outdoor movie nights because you can wirelessly share HD videos and images directly from online sources, SD cards and/or USB sticks. With it’s 100-lumen LED it projects brilliant color and high-contrast images. Xsories took compact tech to the next level because the X-Project is certainly small but mighty and will bring a smile to your outdoorsy family man.

There are so many cool high tech gifts for dad this Father’s day but these are my tops for the Big Guy!

What will you getting the Fathers in your life this Father’s Day?

Disclosure: I was provided some of the product for review purposes but all opinions and love of tech for Father’s Day are my own.
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GoPro, LCD, Father's Day, tech, Best Buy

Do you have a GoPro? Father’s Day is coming up this weekend and some dads, like the Big Guy, are complete techies. He loves to have all the latest and greatest gadgets. Believe me when I say there is a list a mile long of great Father’s Day gifts that my husband would like to have but at the top of his list is the GoPro HERO+ LCD.

I have a GoPro HERO4 Black and I love it.

It’s been the best thing for documenting our family adventures since I got it. The only thing that I wish it had was an LCD screen. While the camera itself is amazing, I always wished that I could have the instant gratification of seeing what I was shooting as I was shooting it but I was willing to overlook it. The new GoPro HERO + LCD has everything, great quality and instant gratification.

GoPro, LCD, Father's Day, tech, Best Buy

We all know that Best Buy is the destination for the latest cameras and camcorders, and now that includes the new GoPro HERO+LCD arriving in stores just in time for this Father’s Day.

The new GoPro camera is perfect for capturing sweet family moments, long summer breaks and every journey that lies ahead. It is the perfect gift for the man who wants to capture incredible moments and relive them on the spot with the LCD display.

You can help dad capture his adventures and relive them with the new GoPro HERO+ LCD—featuring:

  1. 1080p60 video, 8MP photos and built-in Wi-Fi, plus the convenience of a touch display.
  2. Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connect to the GoPro App for shot preview, total camera control and easy content sharing to Instagram, Facebook, and more.

GoPro, LCD, Father's Day, tech, Best Buy

Great Father’s Day Offers include:

  • HERO+LCD (Sku 6954009) with free 32GB Extreme Plus memory card (Sku 9387066). Valid 6/14-6/20
  • Free $50 Best Buy Gift Card with purchase of the GoPro HERO4 Silver (Sku 8374096) or GoPro HERO4 Black (Sku 8374078). Valid 6/7-6/20

What’s at the top of your dad’s Father’s Day list?

Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free but all opinions of the GoPro Hero+LCD are my own.



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Ecōths , Fashion, Men's Fashion, Father's Day, Gifts for Men, Dad

I told you all that I am an Aventura Ambassador but did I tell you that they also have a men’s line called Ecōths? They do and the Big Guy loves it.

Ecōths is the harmonious blend of Eco and Ethos, two words that are the epicenter of the brand. The foundation of Ecōths is combining natural fabrics with style, comfort, and personality while accentuating and shaping one’s character and guiding beliefs and ideals towards community and creating a better place to live.

Ecōths , Fashion, Men's Fashion, Father's Day, Gifts for Men, Dad
Ecōths is 100% natural. Ecōths combines urban fashion elements with rugged outdoor influence to create one cohesive brand that unites style, community, and goodness. As part of their GOOD SAM program, Ecōths supports regional food banks around the country. For every Ecōths garment purchased in the United States, three meals will be provided to someone in need through their regional food bank. Ecōths mission is simple – bring together the triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Product.

So aside from the clothes that are high quality and eco-friendly, Ecōths gives back to the community. I don’t know about you but I love supporting a company whose mission is to provide me with a quality product while feeding the hungry. It’s definitely a win; win situation.

As you can see from the photos, the Big Guy received the McCall Shirt in Flint, the Talon Polo in Glacier Blue and the Humboldt shorts in Dune. He loves the way all 3 pieces fit. My husband is 6’5″ and broad shouldered and these pieces fit him perfectly without making him look like a box or the clothes being too baggy. I love the way the blues in the shirts make his eyes pop but he really loves the feel of the organic cotton, especially on these warm afternoons. Check out the catalog for the full selection of the Ecōths collection.

Just to make it fun, Ecōths is offering a McCall shirt for me to give away to one lucky reader. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment here telling me what your favorite piece from the Ecōths collection is for the special guy in your life. One winner will be chosen at random. Contest is open to U.S and Canadian residents and ends at midnight EST on Sunday June 8th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I am an Aventura Ambassador and Ecoths clothing was provided for review purposes but all opinions are my own.

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father's day

father's dayToday is Fathers Day and that means two very special reasons to celebrate; my father and my husband,the father of my precious girls. First, I celebrate my father, without whom, I would not be here. He not only brought me into the world, he taught me that everything in this world worth having is worth working hard and fighting for and that I should never give up no matter how many times I get knocked down. He taught me that dreams are not only possible they are mandatory in order for life to have meaning. My father taught me how to forgive, how to let go and move on. He taught me that love is what we see and what we never will. My daddy taught me that long walks and honest talks can change your world. He taught me to admit my mistakes, to be honest, to love fiercely and live passionately. He taught me that quiet reflection can change you. He showed me that with age, we can all get better. He taught me to speak up and sing out. My father taught me that no sacrifice is too big for a smile on a child’s face and a kind word can change a life. My dad taught me that respect, love and family are the most important things in this world. My father taught me to have faith in God and in myself.

father's day

My husband, made me who I am today, a mother. He taught me that love is everlasting, unwavering and ever growing. My husband is the kind of man who should have had 10 children because he is such an amazing human being, there should be more people in the world like him. The first time I saw my husband look into the eyes of our daughter, I knew he loved her more than everything else in the world, including himself. He comes home from work exhausted and still finds a smile for his girls. He kisses booboos, rubs aching legs, cheers from the stands and quietly gives our girls the strength to know that they can do anything in this world they want to do. Seeing his love for them over the years has made me fall deeper and deeper in love with this man. He is the type of father who shows our daughters through his every word and action that they are the most important people in his world, that they are worthy of all that the world has to offer. My husband has taught our girls to be strong, independent and to go for their dreams; he is ever encouraging and ever supportive. If ever they fall, they know that their daddy will be there to pick them up.

father's day


In the little things and the big things, our fathers are the first most important men in our lives. He is the man who will set the bar for all men after him. Thank you honey for setting the bar so high for our little girls. Thank you papi for teaching me what’s important in life. I am so thankful to have two wonderful men in my life to celebrate on Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there who give unconditional love, quality time, love and patience to their children. You deserve to be celebrated.

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night before graduation, senior year, Bella, high school graduation

Today is Father’s Day and I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge two of the most important men in my life; my father who gave me life and my husband, who gave me new life as a mother. These two men have and will always have a place with me, I carry their heart in my heart.

Father's Day,A baby changes everything, father, dad, babies

Father’s Day~A Baby Changes Everything


You have always been strong in mind, body and soul. When I was a child I ran to your strong arms to protect me from the world. Your chest was where I laid my weary toddler head for consolation from a frightening night terror. When I was a teenager, you spoke to me your words of wisdom about life but I was too young to fully comprehend the weight of the mysteries of the world that you were sharing. You are not often seen as vulnerable, but on my wedding day you wept with tears of joy and loss and I understand that now. Now that I am a woman with children of my own, your wisdom is not wasted. I crave the answers that you can give. I watch you silent in prayer, the way you still quietly approach my mother and caress the arch of her back, or the way that you play with my children with the verve and enthusiasm of a 20-year-old and I am breathless. You truly love them as much as I love them and that makes me love you even more. I am so proud to be your daughter and to continue to know you as a person and a friend.There is so much that we never know about our parents, as people (aside from just being our parent), and I cherish every secret and childhood memory that you share with me.Every glimpse of my father, the man, helps me to appreciate who you are and why you are the way you are in the world. Thank you for always loving me, even when we didn’t understand one another or agree. I love you, Papi.


Father's Day~A Baby Changes Everything

My Dad & my girls & my nephew

Big Guy,

What can I say to the man who made me a mother? You changed my life forever. You are truly everything, I never knew, I always wanted in this world. You came into my life and redefined my expectations. The moment you held our daughters in your arms I saw you fall deeply in love and in doing so, I fell deeper in love with you than I ever imagined was possible. Thank you for the unconditional love that you always show our daughters( and me).The unwavering awe in which you embrace who they are and who they are becoming. Thank you for your patience and understanding even when you don’t understand fully why it is needed. Thank you for being the strong example by which our daughters will measure all men. Thank you for being my partner in parenting and not just a bystander.I love you more than I can describe and I am so happy to be on this journey of parenthood with you. No one else would ever suffice for me or the girls. All my love.

Father's Day~A Baby Changes Everything

My Girls and The Big Guy; my loves in life

Father’s Day~A Baby Changes Everything

Wishing a Happiest of Father’s Day to all the men who love their children with a verve and enthusiasm! May you continue to raise daughters and sons who appreciate your worth and experience your unwavering  unconditional love.

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