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Exhaustion has set in

by Deborah Cruz

OK, my lovelies..its been a hectic past week and an even crazier weekend. I am simply pooped. I will return to regular scheduled postings tomorrow. Tonight I need sleep. My brain is only half functioning after a day of spring cleaning, yard work, laundry hanging, baby wrangling, toddler tussling, preschooler bargaining, and loads and loads of loving. Mommy needs to get in her eight hours tonight. See you in the morning!

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Laina 2010/05/04 - 12:00 pm

Hello there. I stumbled upon your blog in the forums for "mommy bloggers group". I really like your blog. You portray a truthful picture of daily mommy life. As a stay at home mother, I know all about it. I will continue to check your blog and look forward to new posts!

Robin 2010/05/04 - 6:01 pm

I left you an award on my blog. Lucky you!


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