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This is Dedicated to the One I Love

by Deborah Cruz

Birthday celebration today! May 3rd is one of the most important days of my year; 41 years ago on this day, this handsome man was born. This is my husband (better known to the Internet as The Big Guy), the father of my children, my best friend and my partner in life. I love this man more than I can put into words. This is the guy who took on all the crazy and loved me in spite of myself. You don’t know the half of it

This past year has been a hard one ( you know with me seeming to have one medical issue after another) but this guy, he’s never complained ( as bone tired and frustrated as he might have been picking up all of the slack). He loves his girls like we are the entire world to him and that’s a damn special love.

Baby, I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays and I look forward to a lifetime of celebrating them with you. Thank you for all that you do. It hasn’t gone unnoticed or unfelt. Having you in this world has certainly made it a better place. Love you more! 

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