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Throat Punch Thursday~ Lock Up Your Guns, People!!

How many children have to be “accidentally” shot and killed before people start to lock up their fucking guns? How many children have to die before […]
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“The Mommy Business Trip” Just an Excuse to Get Away from Our Families & Booze it Up ~ Throat Punch Thursday

So, I read this Wall Street Journal article this morning about “Mommy Business Trip” basically mocking moms who go to conferences because mommies don’t work, right? […]
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Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Protest Funerals of Boston Marathon Bombing~ Throat Punch Thursday

The Westboro Baptist Church has, not surprisingly earned this week’s Throat Punch. On Monday, shortly after the explosions in Boston when death and mayhem were permeating […]
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Horrifying Boston Marathon Bombing Kills Two,including an 8-year-old Boy

This Patriot’s Day the 117th Boston Marathon was bombed near the finish line. Today at 2:50 pm EST, 2 explosions went off 5- 15 seconds apart […]

Throat Punch Thursday- Escape from Spring Break

I’m fully aware that my Throat Punch Thursday is 3 days late but there were extenuating circumstances – Spring Break. Who name it that anyway? No […]
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Kendall Jenner’s Too Skinny & Ford has the Kardashian’s Locked in a Trunk-Throat Punch Thursday

Kendall Jenner is in the news. The Kardashian’s have jumped the shark and pushed the younger sisters into the fire. Dear sweet baby Jesus what is […]

Throat Punch Thursday ~”Fat Letters” Sent Home to Parents of Children with High BMI

What Would you do if the school sent home a fat letter to inform you that your child’s BMI was elevated. Elementary schools in North Andover, […]
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Throat Punch Thursday ~ Senator Hatch, There is No Such thing as a “Recreational” Abortion

Can someone please explain to me what a recreational abortion is? Well, once again my guest recipient for today’s Throat Punch is a politician but surprisingly […]

Throat Punch Thursday~Teen takes Parents to Court and her Baby Gets Stay of Execution

It’s a crazy world when you have to take your parents to court to avoid having a forced abortion. Look, I get where a parent might […]