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Throat Punch Thursday~ Hey Ladies, Kevin Swanson Says Your Womb is a Fetal Graveyard

Have you heard of right wing Christian radio host, Kevin Swanson? Well, if you are a woman you may want to commit the name to memory. […]
sexual abuse, preschoolers

Sexual Abuse Between Preschoolers

In Carson, California the unthinkable has happened, sexual abuse between preschoolers. A preschool is closing after parents found out that a 5-year-old female classmate allegedly had been […]

Throat Punch Thursday ~ The Answer to Obesity is Fat Shaming Edition

Well, if you think the world is going to hell in a hand basket because of the obesity epidemic, you don’t know about fat shaming. There […]
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Lena Dunham Bares it All

So, apparently, Howard Stern made a joke about Lena Dunham being fat and looking like Jonah Hill. Which is really, whatever, its Howard Stern, it’s not […]
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Throat Punch Thursday~ The World’s a Fucked Up Place to Live This Week

There is so much going on this week. I was not going to post a Throat Punch this week because I wanted some levity and none […]
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Throat Punch Thursday~ Edward Orenchuk Boy Scout Leader Arrested on Child Porn Charges

Today’s throat punch is brought to you by New York Boy Scouts leader, Edward Orenchuk III (fancy name for a big fucking pervert), age 23 of […]
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Throat Punch Thursday~ The No Privacy for a Pregnant Princess Kate Edition

Princess Kate is expecting! I know that news is so Monday but I have had a crazy week. You may be asking yourself, why does Debi […]
Jersey Bridgeman, Zachary Holly, rape, murder

Throat Punch Thursday ~Zachary Holly Arrested for Raping & Murdering 6-year-old Neighbor, Jersey Bridgeman

Today’s Throat Punch is brought to you by an asshole named Zachary Holly, the Arkansas man was charged Wednesday with the rape and murder of 6-year-old Jersey […]
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Yoselyn Ortega the Sociopath Nanny who Destroyed Marina Krim ‘s Life

I’ve been thinking a lot about Marina Krim and her children waiting to see what excuse their nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, gives for murdering Lucia and Leo […]