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Throat Punch Thursday- Escape from Spring Break

by Deborah Cruz

I’m fully aware that my Throat Punch Thursday is 3 days late but there were extenuating circumstances – Spring Break. Who name it that anyway? No doubt some father who gets to go off to work for the week. If you are at home with your children during spring break, you realize there is no break about it. It is complete chaos.

So, my girls have been on spring break this week. This means I have been all sorts of discombobulated. They have encroached on my work time and my general routine. I love these two little girls but damn it if the ear bleeding screeches and the whining aren’t about to make me stab myself in the ears with a Q-Tip.

On top of all of that wonderfulness, I have contracted some sort of virus that is taking me down with the force of a giant with a bad attitude.

Sure the week was chalked full of fun: putt-putt, go-karts, repurposing a shed into a club house (Password: Girls RULE!), cleaning my garage in preparation for a garage sale, more cleaning, lots of eating junk and we saw The Croods (which made me cry ) and Oz the Great and Powerful (which made me pray there is another sequel in the works because it was so amazing) and now we finish it off with a bang. Not only have a almost completely lost my voice from this sickness, my back is also on the fritz, so the girls have not been listening (claiming they couldn’t hear me yelling) and its been general chaos and now, I am under the influence of a fever. I cannot even imbibe in wine for fear that my already irritated sinuses will mutiny and take out my entire face.

Tonight, Spring break and I play a game of chicken. Tomorrow we have tickets to Disney on Ice but tonight I have a fever. Let’s see who swerves first. I’m going to see the damn Disney on Ice. I’ve wanted to go since I was a kid and my parents couldn’t afford it. I am taking my girls…even if I have a fever. I will pop some ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer for the spazomatic back and we will be good to go.

I used to love spring break. The thought of having my girls at home with me this year was especially appealing because they are both in school all day but instead, by Monday I was thinking I should have planned some sort of work travel during spring break. They have been completely insane and me being sick has exacerbated the entire situation. I want my mommy but she’s not coming because she doesn’t want what I have so I will pray and rest and keep pushing the fluids and drinking the cold medicine every 3 hours.

How was your spring break? Was it as exciting as mine? I bet not.

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