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BlogHer 2011~ Preparation Meeting Opportunity

by Deborah Cruz

Fast approaching is BlogHer 2011. If you are a serious blogger, as I happen to be, you know what this conference means. It is the social media/blogging event of the year. It is the conference where bloggers from all walks of life and different niches from around the globe come to fine tune their craft, share experiences, meet other bloggers and to see and be seen.  The opportunity to meet with the brands that support bloggers and to network will be plentiful. With over 3000 attendees expected this year at BlogHer, the potential for making introductions, building relationships and increasing your social media reach are endless. Who wouldn’t want to spend a few days in San Diego spreading the social media love?

Come Talk to Me at BlogHer '11!,social media,bloggers,conference,brands,twitter,women,San Diego

BlogHer 2011~A Matter of Preparation Meeting Opportunity

I, personally, am looking forward to meeting all of the amazing women who I have had the infinite pleasure of  getting to know through my blog community and via social media.Finally, the opportunity to put a face with the ladies who have shared laughs, tears and everything in between with me. It is strange how you can get to know someone over the internet, develop a relationship, build friendships, earn trust and respect and never have even met them in person.They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. I feel like BlogHer is a great place for a first date meeting of all the favorite people that you’ve never met and has the potential to be the ultimate first date for great brands to meet amazingly talented bloggers.

I’m a bit of a social butterfly and I can’t wait to meet all of my friends who live in my computer:) If you are going to be in San Diego and you see this face….

BlogHer 2011~opportunity meets preparation, conference, bloggers, social media, brands, twitterBlogHer 2011~ Preparation Meeting Opportunity

Please come up to me and say hi! Truthful Mommy wants to meet you! I’d love to meet all my friends I’ve made through my blog, on Twitter and Facebook and finally, put a face to all the lovely words that I’ve read.

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Jessica 2011/06/19 - 11:59 pm

I will be BlogHer too but I’m not that much of a social butterfly.

Truthful Mommy 2011/06/20 - 12:11 am

Well,if I see you..I;m coming up and saying hi!:)

Truthful Mommy 2011/06/20 - 12:12 am

Well,if I see you..I’m coming up and saying hi!:)

Jenni Chiu 2011/06/20 - 2:07 pm

Oh please- we are so going to be attached at the hip. Which is good, because I’m a little socially inept. So you be the butterfly… and I’ll just nod and smile.

Denise 2011/06/21 - 11:49 am

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Coolwhipmom 2011/06/21 - 9:08 pm

I really REALLY wish I was going. But it’s not happening for me this year. I’ll have to live vicariously though you. xoxoxoxo

Truthful Mommy 2011/06/21 - 11:17 pm

Lady,Im in search of a sponsor, thats the only way this is going to work for me:) But if it all works out,Ill have some pretty awesome photos to share with you!Wish you were going to be there

Cam - Bibs & Baubles 2011/06/22 - 8:41 pm

I’ll be there!

Allie 2011/06/27 - 9:24 pm

I will be looking for ya! Look for my mug too!



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