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Be a Better Parent Challenge – Day 27 – Celebrate good times

by Deborah Cruz

Be a Better Parent Challenge – Day 27 – Celebrate good times

Today’s Be a Better Parent Challenge #27: Celebrate good times – big or small
Growing up my husband’s family celebrated birthdays and such with a nice family dinner and cake with the grandparents. So, my husband pretty much things I am a crazy over the top celebrator ( YOU know like my birthday Month next Month!)But that’s how I do things.Sigh.
My parents had 6 children so everything was already a party and if you added our immediate cousins to the mix, it was a full on bash with like 45 kids. Which I love and hope to aspire to do with my girls. My parent’s had little money so they celebrated thoughtful, but not extravagant, so the gifts or sentiments were always small but meaningful but the actual celebration was huge.
This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw a party, but what about dinner out, or flowers, or a special cake? Anything that says this day is special because of you. I’m pretty sure, like myself, you can’t celebrate your kids enough.IT doesn’t have to be limited to birthdays ( though Bella and Gabipalooza; week long birthday celebration sure is a lot of fun) how about a good grade, s special accomplishment, a first recital, being a good example, taking the lead, etc. Celebrate the big and the little accomplishments of your children. It is positive reinforcement and it makes them feel special; that is always good!
So, find something to celebrate. For example; first time kindergartner who finally goes to class by themselves. Why not great them with a special cupcake to celebrate their bravery. ( Hey, first time Kindergartner Mommy..no tears….celebrate by giving yourself a little something special for being brave and letting go …a little bit!) Happy MOtheirng!
Let me know what you found to celebrate!

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Nicole Bouchard Boles 2010/08/28 - 11:58 am

Thanks for following. I'm your newest follower.

Mama Karen 2010/08/28 - 12:05 pm

Thanks for stopping by my blog Now following back

Reluctant Writer 2010/08/28 - 12:34 pm


Thanks for coming by and following. Im following you back!

addicted2shius 2010/08/29 - 1:24 am

I'm the same way. I actually preferred no gifts and would rather have a party or gathering of my loved ones. That's how my family did it and I do it the same way with my kids. So today we did a partial celebration for my bday and man di it suck. My hubby didn't do things like this before I came in the picture. He focused more on the gifts so him and the kids had attitudes all around. Pissed me off. But to me the gesture that you made an effort to make my day extra special means more than any gift. Cuz memories will last longer than material things.


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