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Jane Roe then

Jane Roe, of  Roe vs. Wade, whose real name is Norma McCorvey  has made an anti-Obama ad. Jane Roe, the very same woman who is responsible for our current abortion laws. The same Jane Roe who fought tooth and nail to get abortion legalized when she needed it has now had a change of heart.

Look, I am all for change. People grow, they get older and sometimes with age comes wisdom. Sometimes the closer you get to death, the more you want to get right with God. I understand all of that. What makes me sick about Jane Roe, Norma McCorvey, is that she now has made a commercial, an anti-Obama ad, using photos of dead babies to support her Republican politicians. I linked the ad if you want to see it but I will not put it on my site, it is too gruesome.

Let me be honest, I think everyone has the right to believe whatever the hell they want to believe. You believe abortion is killing a baby and you don’t want to do it, DON’T DO IT! I am not asking you to. No one is forcing you to kill babies.

You believe that the choice of a woman or health of a mother trumps the existence of a fetus and you decide of your own accord that you need an abortion. That is your choice. Go with God. I know it’s not an easy decision and you know that too.

But what chaps my ass, more than all the asinine comments coming out of the sides of the Republican party’s face concerning abortion  ( and by the way, is abortion the ONLY platform the republicans are running on this year because OMG people? Who says that much stupid shit in one election year? It has to be on purpose. No one is that stupid.No one!) is the way the Pro-life people go about it with their photos of dead baby carcases plastered all over the place.


This is not something new for me. I grew up in a faith that condemns abortion. I spent the better part of the last 10 years living in the same city as one of the most Pro-Life catholic campuses in the country. Believe me, I have seen these posters, semi-trucks, videos, and commercials with decimated dead fetal carcases before but now we are running them during an election year. IS this shit on television? Children can see this. Just like I almost wrecked my SUV driving through South Bend with my small children about 3 years ago, when all the anti-Obama Pro-lifers were driving around my town in SEMI TRUCKS with photos of fetal remains plastered to the sides. That should be illegal. What about my children? Do the Pro-lifers give a fuck about the living children who will be scarred for life from seeing these photos or are the only interested in the theoretical children?

I think Jane Roe, Norma McCorvey, is a dick. She fought hard when she was trying to secure her own abortion. Now, she is recanting saying it was all fabricated and that she was forced to lie by feminist lawyers. Apparently, the devil made her do it. She wasn’t really raped and she lied. So, why should I believe anything she says now?

I know I have been repeating this for months now, but just in case you haven’t gotten the point, here it is, the Republicans are going to take women’s rights backwards. Pretty soon, they will be issuing us government approved Kotex, have final approval over the days we can have sex and state mandated toss our asses into a red tent in the yard when we have our periods. Somehow the Republicans have promised Jane Roe, Norma McCorvey, eternal salvation if she can assist in reversing Roe versus Wade and she is buying in, hook, line and sinker. Only that bitch is going to sink us all.

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Jane Roe Now

I’m not saying you all need to be Pro-Choice, I am saying that no one has the right to dictate what we do with our bodies but us and THAT is the choice I am fighting for.

Jane Roe, what are you fighting for?