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Who’s Protecting Our Daughters?

It is once again Throat Punch Thursday and after the past two weeks, I feel like I might need to create a tab on my blog […]
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Throat Punch Thursday~ The World’s a Fucked Up Place to Live This Week

There is so much going on this week. I was not going to post a Throat Punch this week because I wanted some levity and none […]
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Throat Punch Thursday~ Edward Orenchuk Boy Scout Leader Arrested on Child Porn Charges

Today’s throat punch is brought to you by New York Boy Scouts leader, Edward Orenchuk III (fancy name for a big fucking pervert), age 23 of […]
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Throat Punch Thursday ~Zachary Holly Arrested for Raping & Murdering 6-year-old Neighbor, Jersey Bridgeman

Today’s Throat Punch is brought to you by an asshole named Zachary Holly, the Arkansas man was charged Wednesday with the rape and murder of 6-year-old Jersey […]
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Throat Punch Thursday~ Jane Roe Says Obama Murders Babies; Pot Calling Kettle Black Edition

Jane Roe then Jane Roe, of  Roe vs. Wade, whose real name is Norma McCorvey  has made an anti-Obama ad. Jane Roe, the very same woman […]
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Throat Punch Thursday~ Josh Powell; Filicidal Son-of-a-Bitch Edition

Josh Powell; Daddy & Husband Fail of Epic Proportions Josh Powell; The Cowardly Killer~  What the Eff is up with all the shitty parents that keep […]