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Throat Punch Thursday (Leiby Kletzky)~ A Parent’s Worst Nightmare Edition

by Deborah Cruz

Throat Punch Thursday~Leiby Kletzky,Levi aron, parents, borough park, body, Brooklyn boy, New york, walking home, abduction

This weeks Throat Punch goes first and foremost to the monster who abducted and murdered Leiby Kletzky, Levi Aron. I made a vlog that I will share but I’d like to elaborate a bit. In my opinion, this animal, Levi Aron came like a thief in the night and stole the life of Leiby Kletzky’s parents. He stole the safety of a community and the innocence of the city’s children.He’s stolen the trust of a nation. Levi Aron has done unspeakable things in broad daylight. His actions have left us vulnerable in the strictest sense of the word. He has taken a parent’s most precious possession..their child.

Leiby Kletzky

Take the name in and remember it forever. This child, only 8 years old, left the home of his parents one summer morning, probably kissed his mother goodbye and went off to camp. His parents eagerly awaited the reunion. I know every single time my girls go out the door, I count the minutes until they are back in my line of sight. As parents, we know that every single time we send our child away from us ( somewhere in the recesses of our mind) our biggest fear is that they will not return. For the Kletzkys, their biggest fear has been realized. I can’t imagine the pain they feel. The void that will never be filled. Worse than just a loss, he was tortured by fright and dismembered ( and God knows what else) in those last hours of his life. The pain must be almost unbearable. The hatred they feel towards Mr. Aron must be all consuming.

Leiby Kletzky

left camp bound for home. He probably had news of the day to share with his parents. You know how children rush home to tell you about every detail of their day. Somewhere in the 7 blocks, he lost his way home and a predator found him. I don’t know how Mr. Aron tricked the boy to go with him or if he forced him to go with him. * JUst found ( after posting this originally) the transcript to Mr. Aron’s confession.It reads even more bizarre and callous than anything I could have imagined. But he took him to his tiny attic apartment and proceeded to rob the Kletzky’s of their precious son. I don’t know if the boy was molested. I did not read that anywhere. I don’t know the logistics of how he murdered the boy but I know that he did. And then he dismembered the body, wrapping part of his body in a plastic bag, inside of a suitcase and throwing  little Leiby Kletzky’s remains in a dumpster…like garbage.LIKE GARBAGE! Then he kept some in his refrigerator freezer. Why? Perhaps for a souvenir? A momento of his heinous crime. Hell, I don’t know, maybe he’s a cannibalistic monster. All I know is that Levi Aron should be tethered to Casey Anthony, they should both be beaten with a bat and thrown in the ocean with a palate of cinder blocks attached. There should be no tolerance in this world for people who do these unspeakable acts to defenseless children. Children can not defend themselves from adults who are supposed to be trusted and at least twice their size.

Leiby Kletzky

His parents will never hold him in their arms again. He will never again burst through the front door and recount the details of the day. He was lost. He is lost forever. Levi Aron gets a metaphorical Throat Punch so hard that his head pops off. I hope he is haunted for the remainder of his short life by the guilt of what he has done. I hope that the Kletzky’s can eventually survive the pain of such a momentous parental loss. My thoughts and prayers are with them. The least we can do, as a species, is find justice for Leiby Kletzky.

Leiby Kletzky, Levi Aron

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Polish Mama on the Prairie 2011/07/14 - 4:43 pm

AMEN! Prayers that that poor little boy rests in peace and that the family finds comfort in their remaining children, somehow.

Dana 2011/07/14 - 5:02 pm

This story makes my physically ill. There’s nothing I can even say about it, it’s so horrendous. Those poor, poor parents. That poor, poor boy.

Truthful Mommy 2011/07/14 - 6:10 pm

I agree 100%. This man is a monster and needs to be punished to the full extent of the law. I hope our legal system doesn’t fail , yet another child.

Krysta MacGray 2011/07/14 - 5:47 pm

This is just disgusting. On a lighter note I like the vlog!

Truthful Mommy 2011/07/14 - 6:08 pm

Thanks Krysta. Miss you! Yes, it is one of the most disgusting stories that I have ever had the misfortune to know. It literally made me sick to read it. The confession gave me chills. It was so callous and matter of a factly.

Allie 2011/07/14 - 5:58 pm

I get so tense thinking of how scared and alone that poor little boy was. Just Sunday I watched the 20/20 episode of Jacee Dugard and was sick them also. Her story hits home, literally because she was kept 9 miles from where we live.

These sick people NEED to get what is coming to them in prison, I hope. I hope they are someones victim. If you know what I mean.

Anyway, I wish people that feel the need to hurt children would stop and feel empathy for just a little while. It seems they never do. 🙁

Truthful Mommy 2011/07/14 - 6:36 pm

The thought of what this little boy went through before dying. THe emotional stress aside from everything else must have been terrifying.Poor little boy. Did you read the confession that I linked? The man is clearly crazy !

parentingadabsurdum 2011/07/14 - 8:26 pm

My heart aches for his parents. I can’t even comprehend their pain.

Galit Breen 2011/07/14 - 10:52 pm

This just plain hurts my heart.

{It was great “seeing” you on your vlog!!}


Breann 2011/07/15 - 8:28 am

I am pretty close to moving to a deserted island because the crazy people we live around scare the shit out of me.

Alison@Mama Wants This 2011/07/15 - 9:58 am

So sad, so, so sad. The death of children is hard enough, but to go this way? I have no words.

Good to see you in your vlog!

Ryan Brunn, Abc news online, Jorelys Rivera, Jocelyn Rivera, Canton Georgia 2011/12/08 - 7:12 pm

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