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Parenting Edition Throwback Thursday

Today is Throwback Thursday #tbt and I’m doing it parenting style. It’s all about the motherhood. There will be a Throat Punch Thursday post here on The TRUTH  later today. But […]
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That One Time that Poop Happened…at School

– Oh poop! Monday, I picked the girls up from school and a certain little girl, who may or may not be the fruit of my […]

Choirs of Angels meets Lord of the Flies

This week, my Bella is star of the week at school. She requested that the family come to children’s mass this morning and see her receive […]

How do I love thee, Let me count the ways

Gabs   I love the way you cup my face and kiss me when you are trying to make a sincere apology I love the way […]

Trepidation running amuck

So, tomorrow my Bella starts the big K (DUMDUMDUMDDUMDUUUUUM) Kindergarten! I knew I might be emotional tomorrow, and I still suspect am positive that I will […]

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

I’ve found that as a Mother, the moments that I learn the most valuable lessons are when I am not thinking at all. So sad but […]

Mommy’s intuition; what would you do?

Today, my Mother in law and I took the girls to the splash pad. The day was gorgeous, 90 degree weather, the sun was shining, there […]

And AWAY we go!

Seems like just yesterday, in fact I think it was, Gabs was saying “Me this and Me that” and now I hear the “I”s creeping in. […]

Mommy’s Flashback

I was just going over some of my posts from when I first started this blog, a year ago, and let me tell you…I think if […]