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April Landis

April Landis

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April Landis is a Fraud

April Landis, you are a liar! Last month a local woman, April Landis, told friends and family that she had been diagnosed with brain cancer. April Landis is a 27-year-old wife and mother of from Angola, Indiana; on paper a very sympathetic type. Hell, I felt sorry for her but I have been around the internet long enough and seen this kind of scam bullshit happen to always be a skeptic. I hate that I am like this but this is the way my brain functions these days.

April Landis told every one she had a rare brain cancer and since her Grandmother had just recently died of cancer, no one questioned her. Her family, friends and community rallied around her and gave her support. On March 18, the community gave April Landis thousands of dollars raised at a fundraiser put together by her friends in the Angola community. It was a community doing a good thing and trying to take care of one of their own

This was after April Landis showed up at the benefit with her head shaved and continued to go along the entire function acting and talking about herself as if she did in fact have brain cancer, even going so far as taking a $1000 donation rom an actual cancer patient who was trying to be supportive and help the young mother of 4 offset huge cost of having cancer and being treated.

April Landis

April Landis You are Scum

Four days later, a woman from a cancer services organization in Angola came to her home with an application for her to fill out to get assistance because everyone wanted to help this woman. Then she got the call from the same woman telling her that none of what she wrote on the form made any sense and that she was reporting her to the authorities for being a fraud.

April Landis immediately went to the police department and turned herself in and returned what was left of the money. Now, faced with felony charges, April has admitted to not having a rare form of brain cancer. NO SHIT! Nothing like being caught red-handed to cause you to fess up.

Now she is claiming that she did not have cancer but instead is the victim of a mental illness called factitious disorder in which the patient takes on the physical symptoms of various diseases for attention. April Landis says she did not try to dupe anyone but instead was the victim herself. Some people will say anything to get out of jail time. I am not mocking mental illness. I take mental illness very seriously, being that I’ve got my own diagnosis to deal with.

What I really think happened is April Landis got caught. She looks like and idiot and a liar. She doesn’t want to responsibility for scamming her neighbors out of their hard earned money, so she checks into a mental health facility to be diagnosed ( after the fact). Yes, she turned herself in, gave back the money, found out the felony charges she was facing and THEN went to see a psychologist. As many of you know, there are certain disorders that¬† all you need to do is read enough about it and you can mimic the symptoms. I think this is what she did. That’s right, I am calling her out. I am calling bullshit on April Landis.

Big Chuck Norris throat punch to April Landis! You have a problem alright and that would be that you are a pathological liar piece of shit. You took money from an actual cancer patient. You stole from people who were trying to give you a hand up in your time of need. You are the worst kind of criminal, you have turned people into cynics and this will prevent them from trusting or helping someone who might really need it.

April Landis said she believed it because she had dreams that she was diagnosed, saw doctors and even had chemotherapy. OK but the proof is in this one simple act that she can not lie away. First, her husband had to know that she was full of shit. My husband knows if I am faking a headache, the Big Guy would KNOW if I were faking brain cancer because he would have already dragged me around the country looking for the best doctors to cure me. He can’t live without me, well, he doesn’t want to live with the kids without me:) So that’s weird that her husband could be duped. Secondly and this can not be explained away to me, April Landis showed up at the fundraiser BALD! She didn’t go bald in a dream, she didn’t really have chemotherapy, so that bitch shaved her head specifically to carry on the farce that she had cancer and lost it through chemo. That was deliberate. That was not factitious. The only thing that is factitious about this story is April Landis’ lie!

April Landis Enjoy Prison


What do you think about April Landis’ Factitious disorder defense?

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