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Richard Cohen’s Throwing Up in His Mouth Over You and Your Biracial Children

by Deborah Cruz

Yesterday, I had an article come across my tread about Richard Cohen, a writer for the Washington Post, who declared…

Today’s GOP is not racist, as Harry Belafonte alleged about the tea party, but it is deeply troubled — about the expansion of government, about immigration, about secularism, about the mainstreaming of what used to be the avant-garde. People with conventional views must repress a gag reflex when considering the mayor-elect of New York — a white man married to a black woman and with two biracial children. (Should I mention that Bill de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, used to be a lesbian?) This family represents the cultural changes that have enveloped parts — but not all — of America. To cultural conservatives, this doesn’t look like their country at all.

If you ask me, Bill de Blasio sounds like a man who sees beyond the surface and does not judge people on what they appear to be but for what they actually are beneath the exterior, superficial appearance. I went to the source and read the entire article, in Richard Cohen’s own words. After carefully reading the piece, I began to second guess whether or not he was actually a racist or if he was just the victim of misunderstanding and salacious headlines. Been there, done that. Then, I read this paragraph…

Iowa not only is a serious obstacle for Christie and other Republican moderates, it also suggests something more ominous: the Dixiecrats of old. Officially the States’ Rights Democratic Party, they were breakaway Democrats whose primary issue was racial segregation. In its cause, they ran their own presidential candidate, Strom Thurmond, and almost cost Harry Truman the 1948 election. They didn’t care. Their objective was not to win — although that would have been nice — but to retain institutional, legal racism. They saw a way of life under attack and they feared its loss.

And just like that all doubts were removed. Because with him making that one little remark, “ although that would have been nice” he confirmed that he, in fact, is opposed to equality and biracial marriage and for legal racism.  He’s a racist.

I am the product of a biracial marriage. My children are the product of a biracial marriage. I am trying to raise my children in the United States; a country that is supposed to be a melting pot of cultures and color, but still, there is racism and the them and us mentality lives on.

Richard Cohen,biracial children, interracial marriage, throat punch thursday, racism

When my mother married my father in Virginia in 1972, 41 years ago, she took my father to meet her Grandfather who had helped raise her. He had not come to their small wedding so she took her groom to meet him. He told her that she might as well have married a n*gger and promptly slammed the door in her face. I cringe every time I even think of him using the n word because it wreaks of so much ignorance and somewhere that asshole’s blood runs through my veins.*Hangs head in shame*

I am sure after he shut the door he threw up in his mouth a little. Too bad he didn’t choke on it. Maybe he did, how would I know? I never met him. This has been our legacy. My mother was devastated and never saw her grandfather again because she didn’t want her children around that. She protected us but to the racists she was even more disgusting than my father because she chose to be with him. She chose someone her grandfather felt was less than her; a poor mountain girl from a divorced family in the south with nothing, at all. He made that assumption based on the color of my father’s skin. He didn’t care that they loved one another or that she was happy. He only cared that it wasn’t what he thought was traditional. My mom, the damn dirty liberal she was. I’d like to think people have evolved since 1972 but I honestly think we are in a state of devolution, if Richard Cohen and the Iowa Tea Party are any indication.

Here’s the problem, aside from the fact that humans are humans and as such we are all created equal, we live in a country where everyone is mixed.  I mean how many of you are English, just English? Hell, I don’t even think most of the people in England are pure English unless they are royalty. I mean if we are going to be literal, if you are not American Indian, you are not native. Guess what, I am 1/16th Cherokee. So, aren’t I more American than someone who came over on the Mayflower?

Apparently, the issue most conservatives have which causes them to vomit in their mouths a little bit is when they see actual colors mixing because you can’t hide that. You can’t hide from the color of your skin, no matter how ashamed or self-loathing the right wing conservatives try to make you feel. It announces itself before you ever enter the room.

Richard Cohen,biracial children, interracial marriage, throat punch thursday, racism

This sort of mentality makes me sick and it makes me afraid for my children. People who see others as less important, somehow less human than themselves, also see those same people as disposable threats. What happens when we are all so mixed up that you can no longer identify people by their colors? Do we feel betrayed or duped because we didn’t know that we were supposed to be throwing up in our own mouths with disgust because two people blindly fell in love with a human and not a color of skin?

Personally, I am looking forward to the day when the entire country is a beautiful shade of café au lait. Life is not black and white; it’s not that simple. Humans are complicated. But there is one thing that is clear, I want better for my daughters. I never want them to have to hang their heads in shame for being Latina. I want them to live in a world where racists are the minority and are the ones hanging their heads in shame for their despicable behaviors. If you are a racist, I pity you because there is a whole group of people that you are cheating yourself from knowing simply based on the color of their skin.

Today, my throat punch goes to Richard Cohen for writing such an offensive piece, the Washington Post for employing such a racist pig and to all those like Mr.Cohen who think people should be separated by color like laundry instead of standing shoulder to shoulder, intermingling and learning from one another. I want better for my girls.

What do you think about Richard Cohen and his take on race and the tea Party?

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Janice Jenifer 2016/11/02 - 10:11 am

way too myopic such persons want to live in 1972 which was exactly 44 years ago. Things have drastically changed a biracial man is president (though not a good one). America has moved on from biracial marriage nearly every black male athlete or prominent black figure is in an interracial marriage or relationship. I would be far more productive to examine the cause and effect of these relationships and their impact on the minority races. People like Ms. Cruz tilt at windmills and lend their support to the liberal demoncrats. To what effect? To the full knowledge that such a political platform openly seeks to abolish ALL familial and blood ties all that goes into making one a family or a family member. Therefore, they stupidly demonize all conservatives as racists. Um many conservatives are not white old southern KKK members etc. Under attack is the very foundation of marriage and family & individual liberty the precious right of a person to live by his/her conscious. The basic right of a person to live since most social conservative oppose assisted suicide and rampant abortion which is “baby murder” or “child sacrifice.” Yet such persons like Ms. Cruz lend their support to the democrats who are cheapening the value, purpose & meaning of life approving a programs to turn women into baby machines via surrogacy for hire & invitro-fertilization services for homosexuals. Social conservatives also oppose “stem cell” programs which traffic the wholesale parts of babies and fuse them into pigs, cows, sheep frogs and other non-human dna to create other life forms or to create babies to be used as spare parts to keep others (usually the wealthy & famous alive longer). We find these practices immoral & damaging in their long term effects on humanity. We religious social conservatives also oppose the homosexual agenda and the widespread programs of pederasty being carried out in the nations schools through programs like “common core” and so called “anti-bullying campaigns” which cloak pederasty. Truth being that homosexuals are predators who can’t exist or reproduce w/o recruiting other people’s children. All of these which are mere coverings to spread the propaganda of the homosexual agenda into other people’s children going against their values. All parents have a right to transmit their cultural values & heritage to their offspring. Yet this is what is under attack conservatives recognize this attack while liberals either do not or actively spearhead these attacks in support of the homosexual agenda. The total destruction of family—its legal & biological definitions are under attack from liberals. The homosexual agenda is the biggest threat to conservatives who are fighting to conserve the family, marriage and the very foundation of the human race itself. Another thing Christian conservatives face is having left-wing groups deliberately, and falsely label their religious belief as hate speech and their churches are under attack as Christians who adhere to their faith are unjustly labeled “hate groups” which empowers the govt to take away their children and place them into the foster care system where they can be adopted and sexually molested by homosexual pedophiles indoctrinated into a life of ruin. Most religious, social conservatives have nothing against interracial marriages in that God does not forbid them. Indeed, there are many religious social conservatives who are interracial such as Supreme court justice Clarence Thomas, Former Olympian Dominique Dawes & others. There is no problem with interracial marriages within the conservative movement. The real problem being with interracial couples who support the liberal agenda of destroying marriage & family itself. There is a war going on out here in america. It is a war of ideals, morals, values and good vs. evil. Choose your side. But don’t use the old “all conservatives are racist” to excuse your intellectual & political laziness combined with your moral apathy. Things have changed a great deal in america. The liberal agenda operates from one of hate and resentment it is controlled by outside foreign interests, big banks, investment houses, reinsurance firms, primary & secondary global financial markets. Global bankers & financiers who have gained control of the U.S govt. and bark orders to your politicians both liberal and moderate republican. You are too myopic and self-centered on your own little past slights to see what’s really going on. You don’t understand what the conservative movement is all about which is saving human liberty & life by upholding the U.S constitution which has been trampled.


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