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Osama Bin Laden Dead~Finally~We can exhale

by Deborah Cruz

I am sitting here in shock and disbelief. I am exhilarated at the news that Osama bin Laden is finally dead.  Waiting for the president to make the official announcement that Osama Bin Laden has finally been killed, I am feeling many different emotions. Accompanying the satisfaction of knowing that one of the world’s most frightening monsters is dead, I am also overwhelmed with a deep sense of sorrow and remembrance. I have a lump in my throat and tears streaming from my eyes.

I can very clearly remember the morning of September 11, 2001 as if it were yesterday. We were living in North Carolina and my husband was away on business in Allentown Pennsylvania. I was at work, at a small publishing house,when my boss called me over to the television to see what was happening. We were both in shock of what we were seeing on the television… of what was happening. It looked like some horrible action movie but it was live TV.It was the footage of the first tower being hit. I remember my heart falling to the floor. I couldn’t make sense of it. It was all happening so fast. We were being attacked on our own soil. MY HUSBAND was in Pennsylvania, much too close to where everything was taking place. I remember the newscasters making the announcement, as I was still trying to absorb the tower being hit. Seeing the dark billowy puffs of smoke escaping from the rubble and the heartbreak of seeing the  people jump from the building. All I wanted to do was hear my husband’s voice. To know that he was OK.I couldn’t imagine the fear and thoughts going through the jumpers minds as they had to make that decision. Or the pain they must have felt being trapped in the collapsing towers. Minding your business, doing your work and your entire life just being snatched away like that. Your future, no longer an option. Moms and Dads never being able to see their children again. Then they made the announcement on the news that the plane had went down in Pennsylvania.

The plane went down very near where my husband was working. I called and called ( as I know many people were trying to do ) but the phone lines were all down due to what was happening and all the calls trying to be made. Everyone was trying to make sure that their loved one was not in the building or in any danger.I remember being there at work, watching helplessly as my world was collapsing. I stayed at work with my boss because I was 10 hours away from my nearest relative and going home meant sitting there alone. My husband was there…nearer to the catastrophe than I would ever want. I thank God that he wasn’t in New York and eventually, he called me. It seemed like forever waiting for that call to come. I remember thinking..this is it..this is the day my world could come to a screeching halt.It did in a way. My life was changed forever. I will never feel safe again.Not completely. Every time someone I love gets on a plane, I hold my breath until they land safely. I’ve not been on a plane since this happened and I am sure that when I do, I will need to be medicated for anxiety. The phone call finally came that my husband was OK. Hearing his voice was one of the greatest moments of relief that I have ever experienced in my life.

Osama Bin Laden is dead and I am glad. I feel that we are all a little freer from the tyranny of terrorism that we have been under for the past 10 years. My heart still aches for all the wives who lost their husbands and children who lost their parents, parents who lost their children and anyone who lost a loved one. Every moment is more precious to me now because I know that any moment can be the last. I’ve been holding on to these feelings for a long time. I’ve had them wrapped up tight in a small little box, hidden away far back in the corner because I didn’t want to think about how vulnerable we were are. I was afraid that if I allowed myself to feel those feelings, it might be too much. But tonight I cry, tears of joy that we no longer have to fear the monster and tears of sadness for all the wonderful people that I’ll never know because the monster took them away. I hope that this small victory can bring some peace to the families whose loved ones didn’t make it home that day in September.

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Traci 2011/05/02 - 12:25 am

So very real and raw and true. I feel the same way tonight. xo

Truthful Mommy 2011/05/02 - 9:32 am

It’s surreal. I can’t believe all the emotions that it brought back up for me!I’m sure there will be more terrorists to take his place but I am trying to take some joy in the fact that we don;t have to fear him anymore.

Kristi {at} Live and Love Out Loud 2011/05/02 - 10:48 am

What a scary moment; wondering whether or not your husband was okay. Our world is certainly a different place since the tragic events that took place on 9-11. I fear though that Bin Laden’s death is not the end, but the beginning of even more violence. I pray to God that it isn’t so.
Thank you for sharing this intimate moment with us.

blueviolet @ A Nut in a Nutshell 2011/05/02 - 11:34 am

There’s a part of me that is glad this chapter is closed, but the other part knows that the book isn’t finished. And that scares me.

A Mommy in the City 2011/05/02 - 12:00 pm

I feel the same way. I was watching the Today Show this AM and a family who lost their daughter was on. They said they feel a little justice now that he is gone but it will never bring their daughter back. I am just glad he is dead and hope that we will continue to capture all of those involved on that horrible day!

Loukia 2011/05/02 - 3:08 pm

What blueviolet said… I’m happy… in a sense, it’s closure. But still… this battle is sadly far from over.

Dana K 2011/05/02 - 5:40 pm

I understand the feeling of celebration. As a military wife, I am far too fearful of what this is going to mean for the men & women who are still fighting this war in the Middle East. I had about 15 minutes where I had an adrenaline rush, a little feeling of excitement. Then reality set in. Killing Osama isn’t going to end this war. It isn’t going to bring anyone home.

Granted, I’m not going to miss the piece of shit rat bastard.

Glamamom 2011/05/02 - 9:44 pm

I think it’s a huge relief for everyone that there is one less terrorist in the world, especially the figure-head.

Jess@Straight Talk 2011/05/06 - 10:02 am

I agree friend. I hope this bring closure to a lot of the families that suffered. However, I’m still scared because I’m afraid of the next chapter that this saga continues on to…

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