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Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez, #Justice4cplbrandonjavieralvarez, Thousands Oak marine found dead in Manama Bahrain, non-combat incident

What Really Happened to Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez?

by Deborah Cruz

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The blurb read, “A U.S. Marine Corps carry team transfers the remains of Marine Cpl. Brandon Javier Alvarez of Newbury Park, California, June 10, 2021 at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware. Alvarez was assigned to FAST Co., Central Marine Corps Security Force Regiment, Bahrain.” that was all that was written. But he was so much more than just that…just remains. He was everything to the people who knew and loved him.

Who was Brandon Javier Alvarez?

Brandon Javier Alvarez was born on January 31, 1999, in Thousand Oaks, California. He is the beloved son of my Tia Suzy. He is one of three sons in a family of six children, a devoted boyfriend and a doting uncle. He loved and in return was loved by so many.

Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez, #Justice4cplbrandonjavieralvarez, Thousands Oak marine found dead in Manama Bahrain, non-combat incident

Nobody deserves to die far away from home, alone under dubious circumstances. My cousin, Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez, was a good man. He was a bright young man, who loved his country, loved his family and friends and was excited about the future that he was building for himself and his loved ones. Brandon’s sudden and unexplained death has implications that go way beyond just how it affects our family, this could happen to any son or daughter serving in the military.

Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez, #Justice4cplbrandonjavieralvarez, Thousands Oak marine found dead in Manama Bahrain, non-combat incident

Brandon was only 22-years-old on June 6, 2021 when he was found dead in a non-combat-related incident (his nose appeared broken and there were marks on his neck) while serving in the U.S. marines in Manama Bahrain. He was a brother, a son, a boyfriend, a friend, a nephew, a cousin, an uncle and a proud United States Marine. He was not disposable. He was loved. He is missed. The hole left behind in the heart of those who knew and loved him can never be filled. The loss of a child is insurmountable and unfathomable and his life deserves better than to just be discarded.

Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez, #Justice4cplbrandonjavieralvarez, Thousands Oak marine found dead in Manama Bahrain, non-combat incident

His family deserves to know what really happened. They don’t deserve to be ignored and pushed aside when they want to know what happened. At the very least, they deserve the truth. Instead, they are be parceled out very little information. But how can they grieve and mourn their loss when it is so abrupt and unexplained?

What happened to Brandon?

My cousin, Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez, was a 22-year-old, healthy and happy United States Marine serving in Manama Bahrain. He was found dead in his room on June 6, 2021. It is being referred to as a “non-combat incident”. His family is devastated. They sent him to Bahrain 2 weeks previous, with his entire future ahead of him. Only to have him returned to them in a casket draped with the American flag, no explanation and no answers.

His body was returned to American soil on June 10, 2021. Family members flew across the country from California to Delaware just to meet the body with plans to identify him. They were refused and restricted to stay 40 yards away from the casket. They were refused the right to identify his body.

This video is Brandon returning home to California on June 17, 2021. This is the first time his family is allowed to receive him, 11 days after two Marines came to my aunt’s house in the early morning hours to inform her that her son had been found dead during the night, while she slept. At minute 9:51 you can see the reality of a mother’s pain.

Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez, #Justice4cplbrandonjavieralvarez, Thousands Oak marine found dead in Manama Bahrain, non-combat incident

No family should have to go through this. No mother should ever have to bury her son and endure this kind of pain and loss. As parents and family members of men and women in the military, we understand that when our sons, daughters and beloved family members volunteer to join the military and dedicate their lives to serving and protecting the lives and freedoms of the American People, there are implied risks. But no family, expects their child to return in a casket from a non-combat incident. No family expects to be kept in the dark.

Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez, #Justice4cplbrandonjavieralvarez, Thousands Oak marine found dead in Manama Bahrain, non-combat incident

Everybody who knew Brandon loved him. He was kind, warm, funny with a verve for life. His joy was infectious. He loved to to laugh and brighten the atmosphere. He was a loyal son, a loving boyfriend and a beloved brother and friend. Brandon was the kind of man who inspired others to be and do better. He loved his country and had big dreams and aspirations. He just wanted to do better and give a better life to the people he loved. That was his American dream.

Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez, #Justice4cplbrandonjavieralvarez, Thousands Oak marine found dead in Manama Bahrain, non-combat incident

He’s gone and the family left behind to mourn him is being kept in the dark as to the circumstances of what actually happened. This is not okay, not in any way. We need answers. Nothing will bring Brandon back but at the very least, we need the truth. His mother needs justice for her son. We cannot forget.

Say his name… Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez

Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez, #Justice4cplbrandonjavieralvarez, Thousands Oak marine found dead in Manama Bahrain, non-combat incident

The military can’t just make this go away. We need explanations and proof. It took almost 2 weeks for Brandon’s family to be allowed access to his body. Maybe this would pacify some families. Maybe blind faith in the system would be enough for some but not this family. But Brandon was in constant contact with is family. People checked in on him daily, even in Bahrain. Our family will not quit. Brandon deserves more. Those who loved him are now tasked with being the protectors of his legacy and the seekers of justice in his name.

Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez, #Justice4cplbrandonjavieralvarez, Thousands Oak marine found dead in Manama Bahrain, non-combat incident

The bottom line is that my cousin is dead. Something uncertain happened the night of June 6th, 2021 in his room and someone has answers. We need those answers. A healthy, happy 22-year-old marine went overseas to protect the people of this country and in return he was found dead in his room. Don’t let his death get swept under the rug. Help us find #justice4cplBrandonJavierAlvarez and for the next son or daughter serving who could be in danger of never coming home to their mothers and fathers. Share his story and use the hashtag.


Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez, #Justice4cplbrandonjavieralvarez, Thousands Oak marine found dead in Manama Bahrain, non-combat incident

Rest easy, primo and know that everyone who knew and loved you won’t stop until we know what really happened to you and get the justice you deserve. You mattered Brandon Javier Alvarez and your life was not disposable. We will find the answers, someone will be held accountable and you will get justice.

If you would like to help the family get to the bottom of this and help get justice for Brandon Javier Alvarez there is a Go Fund Me page set up in his memory.

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Bianca 2021/06/20 - 8:54 am

This is absolutely heartbreaking! I hope and pray that your Tia Suzy puts everything in writing demanding justice, that letters are mailed out to her elected officials demanding justice and that she exercises her rights for an independent autopsy.

Deborah Cruz 2021/06/20 - 3:27 pm

Thank you for your condolences. Our family is doing everything they can to get to the truth and to get justice for Brandon.

Kevan Huncke 2021/06/21 - 3:11 am

So very sorry for your loss of precious Brandon. I am friends with one of his friends Darci. I do have some information that I have gathered that could possibly help. I reached out to Andrew and he said you had a professional working on the case. Coupled with my info you may get the answers you are looking for and you can forward to the person helping you. My dad was a Marine. You can reach me at 805-390-3767

Deborah Cruz 2021/06/21 - 4:49 pm

We appreciate you reaching out and for your condolences. It means a lot to our family. I will pass along your information to my cousins. Thank you for helping us get justice for Brandon. Please keep sharing his story.

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Iglesias Sandra 2021/06/23 - 5:37 am

Not words !!! please justice for this family!!!

Deborah Cruz 2021/06/24 - 9:03 am

Please keep sharing his story. We will keep looking until we find out the truth. #justice4cplbrandonjavieralvarez

Maritza 2021/06/23 - 12:57 pm

There are no words to talk that will bring conf i habe a son who is from 1999 and if brandon was my son i would probably kill my self if this happened to me i im very sorry i was so sad went i see the news i will share im so sorry we need to know tje truth what really happened

Deborah Cruz 2021/06/24 - 9:02 am

I feel the same. My Tia is one of the strongest women I know but losing your child can break any mother. Please keep our family in your prayers and keep sharing Brandon’s story. We need the truth. His family deserves at least that. We won’t stop until we find out the truth.

anonymous 2021/06/24 - 1:22 pm

Thank you for sharing his story. I pray that his family and friends receive the clarity they deserve. Brandon was always a kind person and deserves justice be brought to light. Ultimate shame on the Marine branch for withholding information and not allowing them to see him. How devastating. I am very sorry for your loss.

Why Death of Marine Cpl Brandon Javier Alvarez Matters to All Americans 2021/06/25 - 4:12 pm

[…] Yesterday, June 24, 2021, our family laid to eternal rest one of our very own, Marine Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez and no one is okay. His death was dubious, untimely, inexplicable and there are no answers being provided by those who were charged with keeping him safe while he kept the nation safe. His life was stolen. There is no accountability. This is why you should care about the sudden, non-combat death of Marine Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez. What’s insures your child’s safety and not his? He was here and now he’s just gone. Broken hearts and empty arms longing for one more hug with no reasonable explanation given. This makes closure impossible for his family and friends. Choking back emotions in order to share his story is all that we can do now. Helpless, distraught, devastated and angry not knowing what really happened to Brandon. […]

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Vanessa 2021/06/28 - 1:09 am

This isn’t right, it’s so sad to see how the world really is behind closed doors. How do people live with themselves.. I couldn’t imagine going through this being in the mothers shoes. My condolences to the family #justiceforBrandon

Marina 2021/06/29 - 2:20 pm

I am very sorry for your loss and what your family is having to endure. Your Tia said that they are going to have protests this weekend. Could you please the put the information out so that hopefully people will be able to attend and bring more coverage to this. Thank you

Aura Vasquez 2021/07/01 - 3:53 pm

This is so sad. My condolences you all. May you guys seek justice for Brandon. This is unacceptable and cannot be left unsolved or quiet. I pray for his mother and family during these grieving time. I lost a brother few years ago, but not in the way that your loved one left, and I just can’t imagine he heart ache that you all are feeling. Peace and clarity

David Edelen 2021/07/06 - 10:16 am

This is terrible. Not only about my Marine brother but how his family has been treated. Why have the Marines not had an autopsy done so the family would ino what happened to him? It appearss someone attacked him in his room. Why can not the Marines explain? My
deepest condolences to this family and to Brandon, Semper Fi brother.

Yuri Lopez 2021/07/31 - 4:53 pm

Justice for Javier Alvarez.
Say his name.
Javier Alvarez.
His goal was so defend this country, our country!
No one gets left behind.


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