Mama’s Gone Crazy & We Are Never Getting Back Together Vlog

Taylor Swift’s We are never getting back together song is one of my favorites right now so, of course, I had to completely make an ass […]
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The Last Goodbye

Yesterday was the day. I thought for sure, it would be too much to bear. I just waited for the emotional time bomb to end all […]
miscarriage, loss

Throat Punch Thursday ~ A Miscarriage, a Due Date & the Misery in Between

The other day, my 5-year-old, Gabs walked into the kitchen wearing a pair of jeans that she had outgrown. She was being silly. We laughed because […]
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Some Things Change You Forever

It was a sunny Monday morning. I had just dropped my 4 year-old off at preschool. I had approximately 2 hours to get to my OBs […]
National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness, miscarriage, loss

Some Things Truly Do Change You Forever

Today is October 1st, the first day of National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Today also marks 5 months since we lost our baby. It’s […]
Miss Teen

I was Almost Miss Teen America

Only the Awesome can be Miss Teen What the hell does Miss Teen America have to do with anything? I’m not revealing another diagnosis, eating disorder, […]
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My Daughter Thinks I’m Ugly

Talk about your body image being crushed. My daughter thinks I’m ugly. She told me that I’m prettier on the “inside” than I am on the […]
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First Day of Kindergarten Hurts Like a Mo Fo

It’s the night before kindergarten again and I am not ready for this. UGH! I am dreading it now. I’ve been breaking down all day because […]
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I Swore I Wouldn’t be This Person

I swore that I wouldn’t be this person. The woman who lost a child and then feels like she gets kicked in the gut every single […]