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Captain’s Log (Mommy’s Blog); Day 17/ No end in sight

It’s Monday and the kids are, as expected, home with me; under my feet, bickering and fighting. My husband is also trapped at home, no one […]

Captain’s Log: Day 14 of Winter Break, Kill Me Now

Captain’s Log: Day 14/ The End is near. It’s day 14 of our winter break and quite honestly, I can say I am more ready for […]
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Blog Like No One is Reading

Discombobulated. Exhausted. What time is it? What day is it? Wow! I am in the throes of one of the worst Christmas hangovers I’ve ever experienced. It’s […]

Do you Suffer from “The Other Shoe” Syndrome?

Christmas was a blur of warm fuzzy feelings and binging on family time. My cup runneth over. We cut back on the girls’ gifts this year […]
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Sandy Hook Always on My Mind

Saturday was the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre. I was backstage, watching from stage left as my daughters performed their final show. I wanted […]
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Cold Season & Damaged Lady Bits

Why is it that women of a certain age who have children can no longer cough or sneeze without crossing their legs to stop themselves from […]
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Women, Stop Hating on One Another

So it happened. You know that moment when something just clicks? Well, yesterday something just clicked. I decided to just do it. I am doing it. […]

Like a Mack Truck

It’s been one of those weeks. You know the ones where you are bone tired but at the same time there is something inside that won’t […]
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People Without Children Should STFU about Parenting

I love British humor and this comedian, Michael McIntyre, has wrapped up parenthood about as well as anyone ever has. He says what we’ve all thought […]