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Your Period, When God Shivs You in Your Lady Bits

Your period, that magical time of month when everything in the world irritates you. Remember when you were in 7th grade, way back before your mom […]
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Stop Waiting For “Special” Occasions, Do It NOW

Stop waiting for special occasions. Do It Now! Don’t Make Your Happiness Contingent on anyone else or conditionals. I will/can be happy when I …. is […]
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Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman

I am having a hard time gathering my thoughts about the news that Maya Angelou  has died. She was a great poet, writer and woman. My […]

Shut the F*CK UP & Go to SCHOOL! When mom’s stop being nice and start being honest

8:15 a.m. As I sit here, contemplating all of my work deadlines with my eye twtiching, staring out the window, as the aroma of Guinea pig […]
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Best Things about Turning 40

When I was turning 40, I had been warned ad naseum about how my body was going to give me a great big “FUCK YOU” and […]

Babies, Birthdays and Letting Go

As a parent, how do you begin letting go? Today, my firstborn, my first baby, the little ball of warm, fuzzy goodness that came into my […]
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Every Child is a Choice

People like to say that a child is not a choice but I think that’s a lie. I think every single child is a choice. But the reader […]
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The Problem With Education Vouchers is that Some Kids Don’t Belong in Private Schools

Okay, at the risk of sounding like a complete asshole, I want to discuss Education Vouchers. Our state has recently put into place a program that […]
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Captain’s Log (Mommy’s Blog); Day 17/ No end in sight

It’s Monday and the kids are, as expected, home with me; under my feet, bickering and fighting. My husband is also trapped at home, no one […]