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Three Tiny Rings

Today, I woke up and remembered that I should be snuggling a 3-year-old in my lap this morning. Celebrating with giggles, random hugs and sweet, baby […]
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Back-to-School means Time to Get Back to Me

Summer was insane around here, packed full of traveling and the making of all the fun childhood memories but now it’s time to get back to […]
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Parents Guide to Surviving Back-to-School Induced Mood Whiplash

The first day back-to-school is today and yesterday my girls lost their minds. I never noticed this phenomenon before. Nerves are to be expected at back-to-school but […]
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That One May when My Face Exploded

You’ve all probably been wondering where the hell I went this May. Maybe? Maybe you didn’t even notice I was gone. It is May, after all. […]
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Black on the Inside

It just happened. I just drove past the parking lot of my OB/GYN on the way to take my oldest to get a “purple” tooth looked […]
grief,loss, parenting, miscarriage

Grief is a Tricky B*tch

I wrote this one for me, to move through the grief that I still feel on occasion. I call them my emotional time-bombs and they go off without […]
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The Starbucks Effect

Have you ever heard of the Starbucks effect? I’m not referring to the theory that Starbucks will boost the price of your home, but that is […]
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I Love you More, A**hole

Dear sweet little girl of mine, You steal my heart with every glance. You can be the sweetest, kindest, most loving little soul that ever lived […]
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Sleep in Heavenly Peace

I thought I had forgotten but it’s never far from my heart. I lied to myself and I believed the lie. Recently, I was at a family […]