Oh Cinderella…

                                           ( I think the picture speaks for itself!) Believe it or not my 5 year old, when she wants to, can be an exceptional help. […]

These are the moments…

So, as most of you know, my feisty 5 year old, Bella is really trying hard to give up the nap, to my utter dismay. Everyday, […]


Just going through old photos, my girls are sleeping, and it just reminds me that taking time to enjoy my girls is what really makes me […]

Queen of the Masses

Lately, its been a real chore to get my 2 year old, Gabs, to sit quiet and still during mass. I’m sure it has something to […]

Things my Daughters Taught Me

I thought this Motherhood gig was all about me shaping, molding, teaching these little, adorable human beings of mine. I knew it would be loads of […]

Hot Locks Giveaway winner

OK, my lovely ladies! I entered your entries into list randomizer at random.org in the order that I received them and then it generated a random […]

Hot Locks Doll Giveaway ~ Ends tomorrow!

Hot Locks Giveaway, ending tomorrow~ Anyone interested in winning this adorable doll please follow the rules and enter to win.Good Luck! To win your very own […]