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A Woman’s Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste

by Deborah Cruz

A woman’s mind works differently than a man’s. There is a fundamental difference in ways of thinking. Men are driven by one goal and by some miracle are able to focus on that goal at the exclusion of all else. For example, if my husband wants to take a nap in the middle of the day, well, he just lays down and ignores everything else going on around him; the kids fighting, the dog barking, the doorbell, me crying out in pain from the damn Polly Pocket incident of 2008. He sets his mind to it and it’s as good as done, if it’s something he wants to do. If it’s not, he can fabricate 101 distractions all day long. Point in case: The crown molding sitting on my living room floor that is supposed to be hung, on my living room wall.

I, on the other hand, usually have 15 things going on at once and a list of another 25 to be done in my hand. I always have two computers on and no less than 20 tabs open in each search engine and still, I wonder why I’m plagued with insomnia and have restless leg syndrome? It may have something to do with my mind that never shuts off and thinks in six degrees of separation and jumps around in my head from topic to topic like a fucking toddler on meth. I never settle down. My quiet is filled with noise.

My brain space has been filling up with moments and memories every second of every day since I conceived my first child so much so that there is no more room for common sense or non-immediate emergency information. Google has become my crutch and without being able to WebMD or Google every question that I don’t have the answer to I’m pretty certain that I would lose my mind completely. I take comfort in immediately knowing the answer to all questions. Social media and the Internet have robbed me of any patience I once had.

The girls are hitting an age where they don’t need me as much as they did a year or two ago. Yet still, my mind still has 2,857 tabs open at all times because even though I am no longer afflicted with pregnancy brain, the mommy brain remains in full force.

A woman’s mind never truly rests because we are always thinking of ways to accomplish more, be better and love harder. We are organizers and multitaskers because we have lots of dreams to realize and potential to exhaust while still maintaining our home and raising our children. So next time you walk into a room and forget why you’re there, remember, you are doing 13 other things and the keys are in the fridge but the baby is asleep right where you left her, in the basket in the laundry room.

A woman’s mind is truly a terrible thing to waste.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever forgotten because you had too many “tabs” open at once?

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Claudya 2015/03/13 - 10:37 pm

Yeah, I really need to increase my RAM to accommodate all those tabs.

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