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Throat Punch Thursday~I’m a Loser baby edition

by Deborah Cruz

Throat Punch Thursday,Korda Bailey This week, I was torn as to who to give the most deserved Throat Punch but it came down to one thing…I can’t stand a racist or a homophobe. I think you know where I am going with this. This weeks Throat Punch must be bestowed upon Kobe Bryant.It’s apparently not enough that he is an adulterer and alleged rapist, now he wants to be a homophobe. I know people say things in the heat of the moment that they don’t mean or that are taken out of context. But when you are in the public eye, you have to be more vigilant about not letting these things happen. It’s bad enough that you are a big enough asshole to think them, but let’s be a human and keep the mouth shut. I am pretty sure that there is a special place in hell where some day, Kobe Bryant, Mel Gibson and Hitler will be standing around a ring of fire while spouting slurs against mankind.

I’m sure this will be swept under the rug, with the small slap on the wrist of the $100,000 fine. Soon, no one will remember. I mean hell, they’ve already forgiven him of all his other transgressions. I wonder if God has a special absolution rate for professional athletes too? How can people just look the other way? I don’t know. But I do know that I am giving this douche bag a Chuck Norris round house kick to the head with a very strong  junk punch ( since his junk apparently likes to wander and get him into trouble anyways). Maybe after he gets his kick , he can learn to keep his hateful asshole thoughts in his own head. Talk about poor sportsmanship!

Throat Punch, Chuck Norris, Thursday, little boy shot in road rage incident,Korda Bailey, GeorgiaIf you want to join in the fun and Throat Punch someone, please link up your Throat Punch Thursday post here. Grab the button  ( under the “Buttons”tab at the top of the page) and place it in your post and leave a comment . This way I can come check out your post!


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Dana K 2011/04/14 - 1:31 pm

Holy crap! What did he say?

Off to google….

Polish Mama on the Prairie 2011/04/14 - 4:55 pm

“Even though it was not meant as, you know, what it was perceived to be”. What does that mean?! Was he calling out someone who he knows to be gay so that they would no longer be “in the closet” about it or was he calling a man that to be hurtful by insinuating that they are homosexual? Either way, he was wrong and you don’t talk that way. Anyway, too bad the ref couldn’t turn around and say “Yeah? You are calling me a sexual orientation slur? Which probably isn’t true, but it doesn’t matter either way if it is? How about this? I’m gonna call you a Rapist. Because you actually are.”

My throat punch for today is for the parents of the 7 year old who got frisked by the TSA. They dubbed her voice in later after the recording of her supposedly protesting the frisking. You can tell bc her lips DON”T move during it and you can hear the TSA worker talking & being recorded at a distance but yet the little girls voice sounds as though she is standing right NEXT to the microphone, although they are equal distance to the camera recording it. Also, the girl’s protests don’t match the flow or context of the TSA workers words at all. It’s surreal. Plus, the frisking was not a big deal. Everyone knows you should wear tighter fitting clothing to the airport now which helps and minimizes such situations. AND the parents did NOT chime in with any encouraging/comforting words to the daughter during the frisk AND the mother’s protests I couldn’t even hear. All in all, it’s an attempt to undermine national security and make some money getting on the news exploiting their child. And for that, a sound Throat Punch from me.

Carri 2011/04/14 - 7:29 pm

Kobe is a whiny, entitled little bitch. They fined him 100k but he could pull that out of his couch cushions. These idiots will NEVER learn their lesson with these slaps on the wrist. SHAME ON YOU, KOBE. I’m sure you don’t like to be called the “n” word, do you? Didn’t think so.
Throat Punch to you AND your bitch of a wife!! BOOM

Truthful Mommy 2011/04/14 - 10:52 pm

Amen! That is all that I can say. You are so on point!He’s a little punk bitch…which is what he should have said instead of what he did!

A Mommy in the City 2011/04/14 - 10:11 pm

He’s a douche!

Truthful Mommy 2011/04/14 - 10:52 pm

Indeed he is on many levels!

Dana 2011/04/15 - 12:13 am

Can he please just go away now?


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