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Throat Punch Thursday ~Marissa’s Bunny the Trust Abusing Blogger Edition

by Deborah Cruz


Throat Punch Thursday~Marissa's Bunny, Mike, Marissa, Fairfax Bunny

This week’s Throat Punch Thursday goes to the blogging mastermind behind Marissa’s Bunny blog.There’s a lot of sick people in the world and a lot of them have access to the internet, as evidenced by people googling search terms like ” chloroforming your child” and “little people having sex.”  This is nothing new to me. I’m sure you are not surprised. God knows how you might have found this particular post yourself?

Marissa’s Bunny, real deal or not?

Bloggers are absolutely fabulous people to get a cause out in the world. We can seriously bring down any wrong in the world..if we set our minds to it. We take a topic and spread it like wildfire.It is amazing what we can do. But every once in awhile, I see something getting spread that sets off my spidey senses. In my 2+ years of blogging, I’ve seen a few of what seemed to be great causes brought to the social media Gods, ran with and spread like jam all over the social media world. Even if I do feel the cause is worthy, sick children, cancerous mothers, unemployed dads with testicular cancer..whatever the case may be, I am always leery to support a cause that I do not have direct and complete knowledge of the circumstances. I just feel like I have worked too hard for the trust of my readers to lead them off on any old quest. Not to mention, I’ve seen many well respected bloggers colored red with embarrassment because their good hearts led them blindly down the path of swindledom.

Who is Marissa’s Bunny? Really?

So today when I saw a post on ShePosts shared by Jessica Gottlieb, I checked it out and then all my faith in the world went out the window. Long story short, Marissa’s Bunny is a blog narrated  by a father, Mike, of a little girl, Marissa, diagnosed with Infantile Spasms, a rare pediatric form of epilepsy. For years, the Marissa’s Bunny blog has shared news of “Marissa’s daily struggles, meetings with doctors, the high cost of treatment, theories and possible surgeries, and even a disturbing video of Marissa in the midst of a seizure.” It really is heartbreaking and I know most parent bloggers, most humans, would feel compelled to do something to help this baby. (For the complete sordid story, please go here)

Bottom line, people’s heartstrings were pulled like the strings of a puppet and money was donated in the name of a sick little girl. But what were the donations really being used for? Where did they go? Is there really a Mike? A Marissa? There is nothing I hate more than good people being duped. My throat punch goes to any asshole who will use a sad story , invoking the name of a sick child ( real or imagined) to solicit funds under fraudulent circumstances. It’s like the 57 year old crack head I saw standing on the corner by the liquor store, missing her teeth with a piece of card board saying she had a 1 and 2 year old and needed money for food. Uhhm, no! I don’t buy that bullshit for a minute. Proof please. I hate that the world has made us so cynical but a 57 year old crack head having babies is about as believable as a company giving away 20 ipads in the name of charity.I’m saying whether or not it’s legit but from what I’ve read, there are a lot of things that don’t add up. Be weary of where you place your faith in people. Be careful and do some research before investing your complete trust and hard earned money in people.

Throat Punch, Chuck Norris,bloggers,Marissa's Bunny, Mike

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Marissa’s Bunny Trust Abusing Blogger?

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