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Chicago: Ten Things to do Before You Die

by Deborah Cruz


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My girls in Chicago’s Millennium park

I grew up in the Chicagoland area and it is still one of my favorite places in the world. It probably has something to do with the fact that all the people I love most are still there and there is just something magical about sharing the city with my own children.

Chicago is the third largest major city in the United States, but to me it’s home. It’s where I learned about life. It’s the place I had all of my firsts and I take my girls there, every chance we get. I’ve since moved away but my heart always remains in the windy city. It’s more than a beautiful city with an impressive skyline, world class sports teams and a plethora of culture and food; it’s got heart just like the people of Chicago.

Don’t be deterred by the wind, rain and snow. To give you a little idea of all the great things to do while in Chicago, I’ve composed a small list of things to do before you die activities in Chicago.

  • Watch the river turned green for St. Patrick’s Day and then do the Rush street pub-crawl.
  • Eat your way through the Taste of Chicago, while stopping for folk music in the park.
  • Slide down the Picasso in the Daily Center.
  • See the fireworks at Navy Pier while munching on a bag of Garrett’s Chicago Mix Popcorn.
  • Have a picnic in Millennium Park while people-watching.
  • Eat sushi at Japonais at one of the giant tables that seats 12 and fill all the seats with close friends.
  • Do the Chicago Pedway Pub Crawl. Situated below the city, this bustling underground city is the perfect pub-crawl during inclement weather (which there happens to be a lot of in Chicago).
  • Watch the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival parade while holding your little one high above the crowd on your shoulders. If it’s really cold, get a hotel and watch from high above the Parade while your children are captivated by the magic of a million twinkling lights on parade.
  • Write your name on the wall at Gino’s East while eating a piece of the best deep-dish pizza you’ll ever taste.
  • Eat a Chicago dog at Wrigley Field while watching the Cubs play baseball on a weekday when you‘re supposed to be at work.
  • Ride north on the back of a motorcycle down Lake Shore Drive at sunset, with the lake to your right and the skyline to your left. There is absolutely nothing like it.
  • Stroll barefoot along the lake shore at night, under the stars, while holding the hand of your special someone. The night sky and illumination from the city is intoxicating.
  • Have a double cheeseburger at the Billy Goat Tavern before taking in a show at Second City.
  • Sip on a martini at the Signature Lounge while taking in the magnificent view of the city from 96 stories above.


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The Chicago Bean


There is so much more to do in Chicago and not enough room on this page to list them all but if you ever find yourself in Chicago, take a minute and suck in all the marrow that life has to offer because in Chicago, there’s a lot.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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