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Best Ways To Look After Your Fur Baby When Everyone's Super Busy, raising a puppy

The Best Ways to Look After Your Fur Baby When Everyone’s Super Busy

by Deborah Cruz

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Bringing your first pet into the household is an amazing time for everyone, but everybody in the family needs to consider their personal commitments before they have a pet. This is why it’s so important for you to make arrangements to look after the dog while everybody is at work, at school, or has extracurricular activities. This is why structure is so important. What are the things you may benefit from incorporating into your life for the sake of your pet?

Syncing up the Family Schedule

It’s not easy, but you need to start aligning your timetable to have a better schedule so your dog is not left alone for long periods of time. It also ensures that they will benefit more from regular mealtimes. Rather than putting out kibble for them to feast on throughout the day, you can give them high-protein puppy food from a pouch that will ensure they have the goodness. If you work near your home, you could take an earlier or later lunch than normal so the dog has several visits by everybody in the family.

Taking Your Dog To Work

While this is not going to help everyone, more and more companies are encouraging a “bring your dog to work” day. It’s good for you and your pets as they will have a change of scenery and you will not be worried as much if you are leaving them by themselves. But in order to do this properly, you’ve got to ensure that the dog is safe in transit. Having good quality dog cages for your car will make a big difference.

Exercising Before Heading Out

Your dog is not going to sit still while you are out for the day. If you’re expecting them to rest you need to ensure they run off most of their energy before you leave. You will need to devote some time with them so you can either go for a run or a high-energy playing session, in addition to their regular morning walk, as this will increase the chances of them relaxing or hopefully sleeping.

Purchasing Automated Toys

If you are concerned that being left to their own devices is not good, especially when everybody has one of those days where they are all incredibly busy, there are a range of automated toys available for canines. For example, an electronic wobble ball provides a lot of fun and numerous battery-operated robots can keep your pet entertained. It’s important to note that this is not a long-term solution, but is only for those days when everybody is so busy. The best thing for any pet is to have regular routines.

Choosing the Right Breed

If you are contemplating getting a dog, one of the best things you could do is find the right dog breeds that will benefit more from being left alone, especially if everyone is out for the day. Some dog breeds are more independent than others, so do your research before you start bringing a pet into the household. They will do a lot for you but you’ve got to make sure that you do a lot for them in return.

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