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I have been finding that the extraordinary moments in motherhood are the ordinary moments of childhood. There is magic in the laughter and giggles of my girls, there are infinite possibilities in the wonder of first steps and words and discovering the world with fresh eyes is like accomplishing the impossible. Watching my girls grow and be in the world, reminds me daily that I am blessed to have happy and healthy children. It’s apparent how amazing they are in everything from how they dance like no one is watching to listening to them fantasy play but no where is the magic more apparent to me than when I watch them love and interact with one another. THAT is extraordinary.

I have two daughters who are 2 years and 2 months apart in age. They are best friends and fiercest of allies. Sometimes they are arch nemesis, depending on the day or the hour but the one thing that remains the same is that even when they don’t very much like one another, they constantly and abidingly love one another as they love themselves. It is one of the purest and most beautiful things that I have ever witnessed.


I grew up with 6 brothers and sisters and they are my closest and dearest friends as adults but I remember there being a lot of bickering and annoying going on when we were growing up. I had my siblings but then I had friends and at the time, I was closer to my friends but not my girls, from the beginning it has been a “together forever, best friends till the end situation.” They do everything together and they like it. I think there is comfort in having their sister by their side, a security in knowing that someone always has their back no matter what life may throw at them. I have intentionally fostered this relationship because I never want them to lose that feeling. They should always know that whatever happens between them as they grow old, boys will come and go, clothes can be replaced, dents in cars can be buffed out but a sister’s love is unconditional and unending.

From the day we brought Gabs home, Bella has adored her. Always trying to protect and shield her from the hurts of the world and Gabs has always reciprocated by wanting to be just like her sister, even when she can’t stand the sight of her, she wants to be right beside her. It’s a perfect and beautiful relationship and I think it’s made them both better versions of themselves, one trying to be a good example and the other trying to measure up. The first time they were separated, when Bella started school, Gabs fell on the ground and sobbed as if someone had stolen her best friend because in her world that is exactly what had happened. When we picked Bella up from school that day, Gabs ran to her and hugged her as if she were welcoming her back from many years away at war. It solidified the relationship. My heart was full and happy because I know that they have one another.


This has born several occasions throughout their short lives where one has put herself in the line of fire to protect her sister. They remind me of those old couples you see on the boardwalk at age 95, still walking hand in hand loving one another more than they did the day they met. They are truly best friends. I look forward to the years of sharing the special moments together like weddings, babies and all the success that live throws at them. But I am glad they have one another for the not so great moments of life too like heartbreak, long nights with colicky babies, health scares and ultimately the death of their father and I.

My children are extraordinary because they are fierce in their love for one another and they are one another’s best friends and biggest cheerleaders ( aside from their father and I that is) but there are some things that you can only share with a sister and for those things, I am thankful they share this amazing bond.

love mommy

I made this video #myextraordinarykid highlighting some of the extraordinary things about my girls. Your kid is extraordinary too. Show them how much you enjoy every moment together by creating a special video of your own!

The moments that count I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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