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Yesterday’s Be A Better Me (You) Challenge-Day 13 ~ Love yourself unconditionally
Let’s just say that it will be one that I will be working on for the rest of my life. It’s probably my biggest fault and I will have to work at it consciously and continuously. I am trying to change the way I think about myself. My head knows that I am capable and worthy of all that life has to offer,sometimes my vision gets clouded by all the minutia of the day. That is exactly why I am doing this challenge because I want to be able to accept and love myself unconditionally but I also want to be the best me that I can possibly be for myself and as an example for my girls. I don’t want them to think that once they become Mommies they have to relinquish who they are. How am I supposed to tell them that they can have it all, if I show them that they can’t?

Today’s Be A Better Me ( You) Challenge – Day 14 ~ Pursue your passions
Back on Be a Better Me Challenge – Day 2-Admit your goals 
I asked you all to admit, scream from the roof tops what your goals were in life. Tell anybody who will listen but no matter what you do, face up to them. Give them a fighting chance at coming to fruition. I hope you all did that. Now, today I want you to all do something to pursue that goal/dream. Mine is to be a published author. My blog is my portfolio. I started this blog to build my portfolio and to practice/ to pursue my life’s passion. I do it everyday. Everyday I feel like I  am actively working on my dream , rather than just sitting on my ass and waiting for it to find me. I am taking next steps to expand my portfolio. I’ll keep you posted. I don’t want to speak of it yet because I don’t want to jinx myself. But I feel it, good things are on the horizon. I have adopted the Failure is NOT an option attitude. I have always thought that I could do anything but then things like time, exhaustion, places to be, things to do became an obstacle. I have to keep my eyes on the end result. I’m not stopping until I reach my passion and exhaust all my potential. Basically, I’m putting my money where my mouth is and I am going to be published or bust! Hope you will join me in taking some step towards making your dream a reality. Even if it’s just a baby step, a step in the right direction is better than sitting on your ass and waiting for the world to bend to your will. You will feel so much better taking this stand to reclaim your passion in life. Be warned: In doing this, you may actually reclaim the you who is hibernating inside.Please link up and share your dream/passion and what steps you will make to pursue them.

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